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Noun1.liftman - a man employed to operate an elevatorliftman - a man employed to operate an elevator; "in England they call an elevator man a liftman"
elevator operator - an operator of an elevator
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He had taken it for granted, when the bell rang, that his visitor was Tom, the liftman from downstairs, a friendly soul who hailed from London and had been dropping in at intervals during the past two days to acquire the latest news from his native land.
Tenders are invited for Providing Liftman Services For Ms Building At Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.
Agents: Kristina Ojdanic, The Corcoran Group (pictured); Robin Liftman and Bernie Rubin, Douglas Elliman.
org, we are improving environmental and global health, and creating educational and economic opportunities for women and girls,' said Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Group executive.
A 15- YEAR- OLD mentally challenged minor girl was sexually abused by a liftman at G.
Henry Mdchoulan and Gerard Nahon, Liftman Library of Jewish Civilization (Oxford, U.
Liftman fails to consider the reasons why Majestic might have been granted a mining concession in a region that had been designated an ecological preserve.
In an analysis of a national sample of veterans, Liftman et al.
Some of the top agents of the week, from left: Sharon Baum, Bernie Rubin, Robin Liftman, Robert Doernberg, Dorothy Schrager and David Enloe
I sigh a breath of relief when I realize that the man guarding the elevator dressed in green fatigues and a black beret is not a soldier but a liftman.
CONTACT: Reporters May Contact: Alex Liftman of Bank of America, +1-617-434-7330, alexandra.
Dumped by her two- timing husband, Judith (Hunter) discovers that the liftman Pat (DeVito) has a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.