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The hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger.


(Zoology) the hybrid offspring of a female tiger and a male lion


(ˈlaɪ gər)

the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. Compare tiglon.
[1935–40; li (on) + (ti) ger]
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Noun1.liger - offspring of a male lion and a female tiger
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
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If I did, I would not have included the hunt of the liger in the 'Shiva Trilogy' which I know will be very difficult to execute on screen.
REAL LIFE p8 When a male lion mates with a female tiger they produce a hybrid known as a liger, and when a male tiger and a lioness mate they create tigons.
She was born in Worcester to Albanian immigrants, Liger and Victoria (Soter) Vangel, and was a longtime member of St.
When you look at the LG Liger, you would feel that both sport the same structural design.
Another Miami attraction that has things down to a fine art is Jungle Island, home to some of the planet's rarest animals - including the liger, a cross between a lion and tiger which holds the Guinness Book of Records title as the world's largest cat.
In the mood to go wild, I made my next stop Jungle Island, home to a liger (half lion, half tiger), twin orangutans and the cassowary, a blueskinned bird with a "killing claw" that is thought to have descended from velociraptors.
Aeneas scornfully mocks the brothers Liger and Lucagus begging for pity as he slays them:
Marco Mancassola e uno dei cosiddetti "nipotini di Pier Vittorio Tondelli" che piu hanno soddisfatto le attese, riuscendo negli ultimi anni a trovare una voce propria che si e emancipata da quella del nume di Correggio e ha fatto breccia anche all'estero, in particolare in Francia e Regno Unito, dove i suoi lavori piu recenti sono stati tradotti e pubblicati, rispettivamente, da Gallimard (2011, per la traduzione di Vincent Raynaud) e da Salammbo Press (2013, traduzione di Antony Shugaar) con ampio successo di critica (Barnett 2011; Chevilley 2011; Liger 2011; Marcandier 2011; Basford 2013; Nichols 2013; Sherwin 2013) e pubblico.
In the video, you could also see a liger -- a lion-tiger hybrid -- chained to a palm tree.
Photographs of tigers and tiger cubs feature prominently, including images of white tigers; other great cats featured include the liger (a tiger/lion crossbreed), leopard, panther, cheetah, lion, lynx, ocelot and puma.
Summary: The world's first liliger has been born, a hybrid of a lion and a liger.
Meet Brutus, the magnificent liger (Mom's a tiger, Dad's a lion) that lives at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.