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Noun1.lighthouse keeper - the keeper of a lighthouselighthouse keeper - the keeper of a lighthouse    
custodian, keeper, steward - one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
gardien de phare
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The keeper's cottage is now holiday accommodation with great views, including seals and porpoises which can be seen even from the cottage windows | In 1957 Doris Cragg of Warrington had raised money for a television for the lighthouse keepers of the Skerries, and is pictured with her husband, and Mr Brierley of Trinity House, presenting the television to principal keeper ON Murphy | South Stack Lighthouse Keeper finally leaves his lonely station in September 1984, after hauling down the Trinity House flag, and making a final entry in the logbook "Station now unmanned".
Gayland was a lighthouse keeper at Point Lynas Lighthouse in North Wales from around 1949 to his death in the late 1960s, when Joyce and her family (including sisters Maureen and Pamela) moved to Liverpool.
He's the lighthouse keeper, airfield firefighter, stonemason, sheep farmer, tourist guide and school maintenance man.
Robson Green's Coastal Lives ITV, 8pm FACTUAL Robson is over on England's east coast, where he meets a couple who live on a seal sanctuary, visits a former World War I campsite, and pops in to see a volunteer lighthouse keeper who works at the remote nature reserve Spurn Point.
Before being used by the lighthouse keeper, it housed the gas pipes which ran the length of the pier.
He gave rise to the notion that Lee and his fellow surveyors killed a Canadian lighthouse keeper on Pelee Island, but it did not exactly happen that way.
With a creaky voice, he regales them with stories, including ones about the many nights he spent with the previous lighthouse keeper, watching the first television in the area, and also about his time as the Ferryland constable.
The pair met while they were making the film The Light Between Oceans, a romantic period drama about a lighthouse keeper and his wife who rescue and adopt an infant girl who was adrift at sea.
1838 Grace Darling, 22, daughter of a lighthouse keeper, made the famous rescue of the crew of the steamship Forfarshire, shipwrecked near the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast.
Solitude is one thing; enforced proximity another--a pitched battle between head and assistant keeper at Whale Rock in Narragansett Bay climaxed with the lighthouse keeper fleeing in a boat, pursued by his assistant in another: the chase only ended when the intended victim hid in a cornfield.
After the death of his wife, a lighthouse keeper (Brendan Gleeson) is left to raise his two young children, one of whom, the mute six-year-old Saoirse, is able to shape-shift into a seal.
Back in the comfort of Landward cottage, it's the kind of stormy, authentic lighthouse keeper experience you'd expect.