lightning strike

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The lines seemed pearls to me and his voice sweet as syrup; and afterwards, I may say ever since then, looking at the misfortune into which I have fallen, I have thought that poets, as Plato advised, ought to he banished from all well-ordered States; at least the amatory ones, for they write verses, not like those of 'The Marquis of Mantua,' that delight and draw tears from the women and children, but sharp-pointed conceits that pierce the heart like soft thorns, and like the lightning strike it, leaving the raiment uninjured.
At the same instant she saw a bolt of lightning strike a young tree by the roadside, heard the sharp click as it hit and then watched the flash dance about, now on the road, now along the barbed wire fencing.
It was like a thunderstorm, despised by all because the lightning strikes so few; the balls struck only here and there, the dying, the sick, the dead sometimes
The leaders almost look like fingers reaching toward the ground, and the flash of a lightning strike forms when a connection is made.
There were delays on the trains between Coventry and New Street after a lightning strike in Birmingham affected trackside signals, and a car skidded on surface water and crashed into a tree in Coventry.
The mystery woman in the video stopped to take a picture of a lightning strike, when the love struck man got down on his right knee and extends his right hand out to her with the ring.
One curious symptom of lightning strike victims is a fractal, fern-like pattern (http://www.
When you have a lightning strike coming down, it throws up a lightning strike," he said.
Lightning strike tests at Eurocopter's Donauwrth facility have verified finite element analysis accuracy for carbonfibre structure current flow simulation, according to a European research consortium.
A MOUNTAIN safety expert cheated death when a lightning strike narrowly missed her.
The lightning strike did not damage any equipment in the tower, however several flights had to divert around the storms.
Mr Snell said: "Clearly it was that as a result of the lightning strike he suffered very severe damage to the various organs in his body.