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Impenetrable by light: film stored in lightproof containers.


impenetrable by light



impervious to light.
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Adj.1.lightproof - not penetrable by light; "lightproof containers"
opaque - not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy; impenetrable to sight; "opaque windows of the jail"; "opaque to X-rays"
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During the evenings, the group developed the pictures they had taken during the day using a lightproof container, developing chemicals and a wash basin.
Any archer can whack pronghorns at close range, if that person has the gumption to erect a commercial blind or dig a pit and cover it with tarpaper, cardboard, poly tarps, or any other lightproof material.
The commercially available products vary in quality--fish oil capsules are easily oxidised by light or moisture so premium products tend to be opaque capsules in individual blisters within a lightproof box or jar--a good guide for consumers.
They were immediately placed in a lightproof insulated box containing icepacks to ensure rapid cooling.
Colour-fast and lightproof, odourless and eco-friendly, the classic ingrain wallpaper has arrived in the new dimension of high-quality and modern photo wallpaper," Heiko Wiederer, product manager of Onlineprinters GmbH is pleased about the online print shop's new product.
The tungsten-filament lamp was fixed in a lightproof aluminum housing with a window, where the long-pass filter was mounted.
The Sterling Hill Mining Museum is now in the early stages of designing a lightproof building to enclose the pillar, to allow viewing of the fluorescent zinc ore during daylight hours, thereby allowing many thousands of visiting school children to see this colorful display every year.
Immediately after specimen preparation, they were stored in lightproof boxes at 37[degrees]C (Etica Equip.
There's also a touch-sensitive remote control that turns on all the room's automated functions, including the bedroom and shower lights, along with video projector, lightproof blinds and interactive TV menu.
The slide was then suspended on a rack above ice water in a lightproof humidity chamber to allow the blood cells to adhere to the slide (the temperature on the rack was 10[degrees]C).
Sherif (1935) used the autokinetic effect, the illusory perception that a point of light in a darkened room is in motion, and asked participants, individually or in groups of two or three, to sit in a lightproof and soundproof room and estimate the distance that a spot of light moves.