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Consisting of or having the texture or appearance of wood; woody.

[From Latin ligneus, from lignum, wood; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]


(Botany) of or resembling wood
[C17: from Latin ligneus, from lignum wood]


(ˈlɪg ni əs)

of the nature of or resembling wood; woody.
[1620–30; < Latin ligneus= lign(um) wood + -eus -eous]
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Adj.1.ligneous - consisting of or containing lignin or xylem; "ligneous (or woody) tissue"
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
woody - made of or containing or resembling wood; "woody plants"; "perennial herbs with woody stems"; "a woody taste"


[ˈlɪgnɪəs] ADJleñoso


adjhölzern, holzartig
References in classic literature ?
No sooner had the beautiful Madame Rabourdin decided to interfere in her husband's administrative advancement than she fathomed Clement des Lupeaulx's true character, and studied him thoughtfully to discover whether in this thin strip of deal there were ligneous fibres strong enough to let her lightly trip across it from the bureau to the department, from a salary of eight thousand a year to twelve thousand.
Much impressed by this family circumstance, and also by the friendly disposition of Mr Wegg, as exemplified in his so soon dropping into poetry, Mr Boffin again shook hands with that ligneous sharper, and besought him to name his hour.
Wood and articles of wood and cork, except furniture; products made of straw and plaiting materials;hardwood sawn timber;sawn softwood;furniture;wood-fiber boards of wood or other ligneous materials
The most common condition associated with plasminogen deficiency is ligneous conjunctivitis, which is characterized by thick, woody (ligneous) growths on the conjunctiva of the eye, and if left untreated, can lead to corneal damage and blindness.
Trees and shrubs: Illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants, vol.
5b - d), first, a fibrous bract that falls away and then a ligneous bract 1 - 1.
Either herbaceous or ligneous, it thrives in dry tropical and subtropical areas.
Areas covered by ligneous vegetation in comparison to pastureland were delineated, obtaining the area of ligneous cover in each estate.
The green waste site had to be reorganized to collect the compostable green fraction separately from the ligneous fraction, which would then be prepared for energetic purposes.
caribaea were the most recurrent ligneous species in this experiment (Fig.
Heparin in the long-term management of ligneous conjunctivitis: a case report and review of literature.