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n. Slang
A law enforcement officer who works to break up organized criminal groups.
adj. also gangbusters
Extremely successful: an experiment yielding gangbuster results; a profitable, gangbusters quarter.
like gangbusters Slang
With great impact, vigor, or zeal: came on like gangbusters at the start of his campaign; a career that took off like gangbusters.


1. (Law) an officer of the law who specializes in detecting and breaking up criminal organizations, often forcefully or violently
2. a success; hit
3. extremely successful; fantastic
4. (of a person) driven; determined


(ˈgæŋˌbʌs tər)

n. Informal.
1. a law-enforcement officer who specializes in breaking up gangs of criminals.
2. gangbusters, an outstandingly successful state.
3. strikingly effective or successful: a gangbusters year for compact cars.
4. enthusiastic: to be gangbusters over an idea.
like gangbusters, with vigor and speed.
Often, gangbusters.
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We might go up there and we might play like gangbusters up there," Bryant said Sunday in Los Angeles.
That's still steep, but less so when you consider that Facebook is growing like gangbusters, with its revenue for 2014's first quarter up 72 percent year-over-year (to $2.
The big news out of Denver this week was that craft is going to get a lot bigger, and not just because it is growing like gangbusters.
It was a simple, good-looking pistol that was priced well, sold like gangbusters and launched the firm that has become a leader in the firearms industry.
Apparently, sales are goin' like gangbusters, and even men who don't frequent Mavericks are stopping by for a quick drink and a bottle of Alibi.
The Gilad Shalit shirt is selling like gangbusters in Gaza.
In late summer, plant more mesclun and fill other vacant space with arugula or Japanese turnips--two underappreciated gourmet vegetables that will grow like gangbusters until cold weather brings your first garden to a close.
The scientists have found that the virus, called reovirus, grows like gangbusters inside tumor cells with a specific malfunction that leads to tumor growth and the findind led them to ponder over weather this virus can be used as a treatment.
We discovered the perfect nest in the courtyard of the 1950s-era Seibert Home at the jewels on the Bay Showhouse this winter: the Birdy chair, manufactured by Koji Collection from nuisance vines that grow like gangbusters in South America.
Fortunately, this gimmick pays off like gangbusters.
For a quartet, they make a big-band kind of a sound, as heard on their new album Comin' On Like Gangbusters.
But they were down pretty good there for five or six weeks, and they came out like gangbusters, so they have done a good job.

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