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Noun1.likeliness - the probability of a specified outcome
probability - the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event; "for a while mutiny seemed a probability"; "going by past experience there was a high probability that the visitors were lost"
odds - the likelihood of a thing occurring rather than not occurring
unlikelihood, unlikeliness - the improbability of a specified outcome
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By partnering with MoneyGram, Online Resources makes a valuable service available for its clients, providing them with a cash payment alternative that expands their payment options and increases the likeliness of getting paid.
For advertisers, it indicates the likeliness of their ad being seen by a reader.
The likeliness of Bingle and Clarke being interested in this property is due it being the only apartment available in that area.
Future intentions - likeliness to continue & recommend existing brand, likely reasons of switching/change connection, consideration set and most preferred service brand for next connection
Business-grade panel with advanced cooling design to prevent likeliness of image retention and improved color uniformity
P-A-R(TM) stems from the Genesis Attention Platform(TM) (G-A-P(TM)), the company's proprietary foundation that creates new out-stream video ad inventory within premium content, using data science to determine exactly when a viewer should be shown an ad based on their likeliness to engage.
Entrants can vote daily for the three parks they feel offer the best experience based on family amenities, location and the likeliness to catch a fish or enjoy a day on the water.
The ultimate effect of poor performance is a decrease in willingness to recommend a firm with 48% of online bankers and brokers stating that poor performance "impacted" or "significantly impacted" their likeliness to recommend a firm's services to a friend or family member.
By placing these words strategically into the title of your content, your content's visibility and likeliness to be shared increase," said reputation expert and CEO of JW Maxx Solutions, Walter Halicki.
Asked to evaluate ten business development activities on their likeliness of leading to consideration for hire, corporate counsel ranked peer referrals, scheduled in-person meetings, and quotations as an expert in the media as the top three, respectively.
With Predictive Dynamics, employers can tune their workforce and validate results by measuring the impact of workforce management on employee relationships, client loyalty, satisfaction, likeliness to return for future engagement, and profitability.
Leveraging data from Nielsen's new NetEffects product, Specific Media Brand Awareness Reports enable advertisers to measure the impact of their campaigns among consumers across key attributes such as brand awareness, brand opinion, key messages, and the likeliness of online audiences to recommend a brand to others.