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Adj.1.lilac-blue - of blue tinged with lavender
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The familiar fronds of striking fragrant lilac-blue blooms of wisteria adorning walls or draped over trellises and pergolas are an amazing sight.
Lanarth White - this AGM-winning variety is one of the best lacecaps, with large florets surrounding clusters of tiny lilac-blue flowers.
tommasinianus is one of the prettiest, with its slender pale lilac-blue flowers with orange stigmas, opening in the late winter sunshine.
Its flowers are in shades of white to pale blue, lilac-blue or violet and it grows to 1.
Look at pictures of her as a starlet and you see a vision that transcends mortality, with radiant, lilac-blue eyes and raven hair.
Viola cornuta, with its lilac-blue lightly scented flowers from April to July and its spreading but not invasive habit, make it a strong contender.
It presents heads of pretty, lilac-blue flowers from early summer and its leaves take on autumnal burgundy hues.
On Tuesday his lilac-blue tie looked great with her purple dress.
Orion, which produces masses of striking lilac-blue flowers with a white eye in June and July and has a fast spreading habit, so will fill a space quickly.
This summer bloomer explodes into 3- to 6-inch-wide domes of tiny lilac-blue or deep purple flowers just in time for the Fourth of July.
Try `Alba' if you want white flowers or `Multijuga', which has lilac-blue flowers in spikes up to 4ft (1.
Try 'Alba' if you want white flowers or 'Multijuga', which has lilac-blue flowers in spikes up to 4ft (1.