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Noun1.limber pine - western North American pine with long needles and very flexible limbs and dark-grey furrowed barklimber pine - western North American pine with long needles and very flexible limbs and dark-grey furrowed bark
white pine - any of several five-needled pines with white wood and smooth usually light grey bark when young; especially the eastern white pine
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While the title Limber seems to conflate the words "lumber" and "timber," it also alludes to the resilient limber pines in Pelster's home region of Alberta, Canada.
Millar was comparing tree core measurements of limber pines, a slight species found in the eastern Sierras of California that can live to be 1,000 years old.
8 seeds/g for Siberian, whitebark, Jeffrey, and limber pines, respectively; Bonner and Karrfalt, 2008), which would engender comparable energetic rewards.
Alpinesque scenery, towering limber pines, lush riparian canyons, past wind-sculpted rock walls with hundred mile vistas are here for the exploring in Hiking Nevada's County High Points.
We stayed on the lower terrace, staring in awe at the colorful travertine saturated in calcium carbonate, resulting in the haunting beauty of the formation known as Minerva Terrace with sparsely scattered limber pines.
nd she will specifically look for mycorrhizal fungi that associate with whitebark and limber pines.
And mountain pine beetles create epidemic infestations, killing ponderosa, lodgepole, and limber pines throughout the Rocky Mountains.
Near the summit of Baden-Powell are a handful of gnarled, weather-battered limber pines.
Thus, pioneer limber pines in the subalpine zone might be replaced more slowly on xeric sites simply because they tend to live longer there.
The limber pines that grow in a curve, or a series of curves, to stay upright while their roots ride down the hill, could be the real key to this puzzle.
The diameters of all limber pines in the Pawnee population were determined at 30 cm above the ground (for seedlings and young trees less than 50 cm tall, diameters were measured at the ground surface).
From the adelgid infestation in Great Smoky Mountains, to lethal fungus killing off native dogwoods along the Eastern seaboard, to a deadly organism causing Sudden Oak Death Syndrome along the California coast and a fatal blister rust on whitebark and limber pines from the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles inland to the Rockies, America's forests are under assault.