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If you are not afraid to come to the old marshes to-night or tomorrow night at Nine, and to come to the little sluice-house by the limekiln, you had better come.
I knew very well, however, that the appointed place was the little sluice-house by the limekiln on the marshes, and the hour nine.
We asked this heavenly messenger (as we discovered him afterwards to be) if he knew of any lonely house, whose occupants were few and feeble (old ladies or paralysed gentlemen preferred), who could be easily frightened into giving up their beds for the night to three desperate men; or, if not this, could he recommend us to an empty pigstye, or a disused limekiln, or anything of that sort.
Also three boys confessed afterwards to throwing stones at a funny tramp, knocking about all wet and muddy, and, it seemed, very drunk, in the narrow deep lane by the limekilns.
All night, then, we walked through the north side of the Carse under the high line of the Ochil mountains; and by Alloa and Clackmannan and Culross, all of which we avoided: and about ten in the morning, mighty hungry and tired, came to the little clachan of Limekilns.
In Limekilns we entered a small change-house, which we only knew to be a public by the wand over the door, and bought some bread and cheese from a good-looking lass that was the servant.
At this we waited for no more, but shook hands with her upon the bargain, made short work of the puddings, and set forth again from Limekilns as far as to the wood.
I was abashed how to find expression for my thanks; but she was no less abashed at the thought of hearing them; begged us to lose no time and to hold our peace, saying (very properly) that the heart of our matter was in haste and silence; and so, what with one thing and another, she had set us on the Lothian shore not far from Carriden, had shaken hands with us, and was out again at sea and rowing for Limekilns, before there was one word said either of her service or our gratitude.
I am proud to be a resident of Limekiln Lane near Scotland Road.
Lawyer Peter Brassil, 51, from Chancellors Road in Newry, former First Trust bank manager Peter Creegan, 47, from Limekiln Road in Newry, and 56-yearold financial advisor Damien Mallon, from Drumconwell Road in Armagh, appeared before Mr Justice Burgess at Belfast Crown Court.
Photographed here at dawn, the coal-fired limekiln was built around 1750 and produced lime at a time when agrarian improvements created an enormous demand for it.
It was exhilarating and fun hunting birds with our binoculars, pencils and eyeballs,'' said Donna Tilman, a 62-year-old retired Chatsworth probation officer who led a group through Limekiln Canyon, a Northridge park squeezed between two housing tracts.