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A plural of limen.


(ˈlɪm ə nə)
a pl. of limen.
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Francis had spoken about a possible synod with a variety of bishops from South America, who have been making their ad limina visits to Rome this year.
Distintas materias de importancia social y pastoral abordaron los obispos chilenos en su Visita Ad Limina efectuada al papa Francisco en la ultima semana de febrero.
I say miracle because when I first met him about 40 years ago, he told me, with a twinkle in his eye, that he never went to Rome, not even for the mandatory Ad Limina visits.
Every five years, Catholic bishops from around the world including the Philippines make the "Visita ad Limina Apostolorum" or the Visit to the Tombs of the Apostles to renew their commitment to the service of Christ and His Church.
I think five years is long enough," said Breana Limina, who recently started at the U.
Ello ocurrio durante la visita ad limina apostolorum que la Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano (CEM) realizo al Vaticano en mayo de 2014 (Proceso 1959 y 1960)
Finally, on May 3, during our ad limina visit to Rome, the pope accepted our invitation.
Additionally, Pope Francis commented to Bishop Laun of Salzberg that "Gender ideology is demonic," on 30 January 2014 as part of the Austrian bishops' ad limina visit.
El analisis de la accion pastoral de estos eclesiasticos es uno de los ejes de esta historia, que presenta con bastante detalle todo un universo de cuestiones: la distribucion parroquial en los momentos iniciales; las visitas pastorales al extenso territorio diocesano y la metamorfosis que su celebracion externa experimento a lo largo de las decadas; la reestructuracion espacial de 1949-1950; la formacion de los seminaristas; la vida espiritual de la diocesis reflejada en los informes de las visitas ad limina o en otros informes--menos utilizados--de los arciprestazgos; el importantisimo impulso misionero vitoriano primero, hacia 1943, y luego de las tres diocesis vascas; etc.
Because of Tokarczuk's robust defense of Polish Catholics' rights to religious freedom he was the object of particularly harsh communist repression, ranging from refusals to allow him to travel abroad (his first ad limina visit was impeded for almost a decade), through physical attacks by unidentified perpetrators, to the secret police's elaborate planning in case of Tokarczuk's anticipated appointment to succeed Wyszynski as Primate.
In compliance with that definition, the public treasury is responsible for paying the salaries of teachers in church schools and exempts them from all taxes; it pays all costs for the bishops' ad limina visits to Rome and travel expenses to synods and regional conferences; it covers the budgets of the 437 institutes of consecrated life with their 4,500 houses and apostolic works in the country.