limited audit

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: audit - an audit of limited scope (limited in time span or confined to particular accounts etc.)
audit, audited account - an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA
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Under the ED, despite a severely limited audit scope imposed by the client, auditors would be required to issue an unmodified opinion based in part on the custodian's unaudited certification (to which only limited procedures would be applied), rather than a disclaimer.
The scopes of service vary wildly (handling limited audit issues to handling the entire audit), as does the fee arrangements (e.
During my limited audit experience with Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests, we significantly benefited from the use of decision support systems to save time and reduce manual tasks to process growing universes of data elements, which are managed through attributes like data mining.
This likelihood of risk further increases due to the fact that the audit report is based on limited audit exercise.
Extensive foreign banking operations, especially where there is significant wire transfer activity or multiple branches of foreign banks, or limited audit authority over foreign-owned banks or institutions.
A limited audit can be a good gauge to give employers a certain level of comfort," Landau says.
To augment self-reporting, FERC officials told us that, in 2008, they are using an informal plan to reallocate their limited audit staff to audit the affiliate transactions of 3 of the 36 holding companies it regulates.
Obviously, if a taxpayer is successful in limiting audit scope, they likewise have limited audit exposure.
The costs that have been associated with maintaining county council homes appear to have a limited audit trail, lack a realistic time frame and may not need to be in the near future, eg boiler replacement, lift replacement.
Chick said she would refer the issue to the state's Joint Legislative Audit Committee rather than perform a more limited audit herself.
The banks also have agreed to accept a limited audit of the remaining loans included in the 223 billion pesos they received as part of a massive government rescue package.
The POGO report says the DOI is still preparing plans for a limited audit of just two integrated companies.

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