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1. Confined or restricted within certain limits: has only limited experience.
a. Not attaining the highest goals or achievement: a limited success.
b. Having only mediocre talent or range of ability: a popular but limited actor.
3. Having governmental or ruling powers restricted by enforceable limitations, as a constitution or a legislative body: limited monarchy.
4. Abbr. Ltd. Of or relating to a limited company.
5. Of, relating to, or being transportation facilities, such as trains or buses, that make few stops and carry relatively few passengers.
A limited train or bus.

lim′i·ted·ly adv.
lim′i·ted·ness n.
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Adv.1.limitedly - in a limited manner
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Similarly the poor can add all limitedly available items like fresh milk or milk powder, beaten eggs or various kinds of nuts, dried grapes, ghee etc.
Last month, McDonald's limitedly released 10,000 PyeongChang Hanwoo Signature Burgers made with local beef at the fast food chain's 400 selected restaurants nationwide, so as to show off the host city's economy.
The process is designed for the detection of diseases in the prenatal phase, thus its feasibility is tested upon the limitedly available ultrasound scans data and then deeply investigated for a large dataset of adult individuals.
Without the explicit lessons and direct feedback, MNCs' revisions and updates of routines are incomplete and inaccurate, causing them to learn limitedly from the experiences.
He added that independence should not be meant limitedly only by the state of enjoying freely the rights but also by responsibly exercising the obligation for the betterment of our life.
The city government here wants to institutionalize its 'Dulog at Dinig' program which aims to bring all basic services to the city's far flung barangays limitedly served due to its distance from the government center.
The direct action, found in the matter of contracting and in the previous legislation (article 1488 Civil Code of 1864) (Statescu and Barsan, 1995: 307; Filipescu and Filipescu, 2004: 86) is defined as a person's right to act in certain cases limitedly provided by law, against any contracting party with which has no connection whatsoever, invoking the contract in his/her favour, being third party in that contract (Pop et al, 2012: 198).
Influence of limitedly visible leafy indoor plants on the psychology, behavior, and health of students at a junior high school in Taiwan.
Rather than constantly updating themselves with news from mainstream media, the young generation actively avoids or limitedly consumes news from mainstream news sources.
Moreover, as seen in Figure 5, for KC01 that has the limited satellite visibility, the satellite visibility is only traced in north-west direction limitedly.
The measures focus on helping the market work for those wanting to buy homes for nonspeculative purposes, and will be limitedly imposed on areas showing signs of overheating, such as the entire cities of Seoul and Sejong, and parts of Gyeonggi Province and Busan.
As the final story in Kavan's collection, "Julia and the Bazooka" draws upon elements of each of the previous stories, leading to a limitedly utopian narrative conclusion.