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Items loading on the first factor represented the emotional costs dimension, second-factor items represented the limitedness of career alternatives dimension, and third-factor items represented the career investments dimension.
Since [unkeyable] represents limitedness or distinctness in nature, the immediate consequence is that the [unkeyable] of all is going to be beyond [unkeyable] and so beyond limit.
It is not the denial of freedom and responsibility that is meant here by child-like dependence, but the truth of one's limitedness and the readiness to accept and thrust the loving care of God.
Both the procedures span a wide variety of practical applications such as medical healing, anthropological studies, human enhancement, improvement of quality of life, and ultimately the joint hope to preserve the self both diachronically (Head-Transplanting) and synchronically (Mind-Uploading) in order to overcome the "classical" human condition of primordial precariousness and limitedness, as manifested in aging and death.
The qualities of limitedness and sovereignty necessarily result in the production of excluded bodies through othering processes.
La musica, sostiene Ciabattoni, diventa "the tightrope by means of which the poet attempts to bridge the gap between the physical plane of his moral limitedness and the metaphysical plane of his vision's subject.
recurring gestations, the limitedness of the human individual caught in
Going beyond starts by acknowledging one's limitedness (i.
It was specified that the content of the interview made with physical education teachers in which qualitative data is collected, will be in the limitedness of the research.
The minister added that the ministry faced some challenges, including limitedness of infrastructure and availability of human capital in the field of information technology in the Kingdom.
Essentially, Gadamer argues here that historicism must take itself seriously enough so as to admit the limitedness of the vantage point from which one utters such a claim, while nonetheless maintaining the assertion being made with regard to the finitude of human knowledge.
The Trespasser, like Hardy's novels, elegises man's limitedness in the universe, as is explicit in the following passage of the novel: "Amidst the journeying of oceans and clouds and the circling flight of the heavy spheres, lost to sight in the sky, Siegmand and Helena, two grains of life in the vast movement, were travelling a moment side by side" (Lawrence, 1983, p.