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1. Characterized by transparent clearness; pellucid. See Synonyms at clear.
2. Free from clouds or haze: a limpid sky.
3. Easily intelligible; clear: writes in a limpid style.
4. Easily or pleasantly heard; distinct: playing the violin with a limpid tone.
5. Flowing or moving gracefully: limpid movements of a dancer.

[Latin limpidus.]

lim·pid′i·ty, lim′pid·ness n.
lim′pid·ly adv.
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The quality of being clear and easy to perceive or understand:
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Naipaul's essayist writing style is characterized by its extraordinary limpidness.
She sat transfixed, did not hear what, if anything, the mouth said, but filed away, oppressively, inside her soul, the pinkness of his gums, the whiteness of his teeth, the solemn ordinariness around his eyes, the hair's distressing limpidness.
She has a chiseled face with the torqued energy of a cubist painting and a hard body that smashes against Zeltzman's limpidness with a taut, muscular will.