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Noun1.line of defense - any organization whose responsibility it is to defend against something; "police are the major line of defense against crime"
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
2.line of defense - defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack
abatis, abattis - a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemy
defensive structure, defence, defense - a structure used to defend against attack; "the artillery battered down the defenses"
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Our line of defense was, of course, that the compound had been improperly used.
New Delhi [India], Nov 10 ( ANI ): Indian football defender Pritam Kotal has showered praise on goalkeeper Gurpreet Sandhu, saying the presence of large built man as the last line of defense adds to the confidence of the team.
As the leaders of the second line of defense, CROs need to provide a credible challenge to the first line, which includes front-line business units, operations and IT.
A business' First Line of Defense against DDoS attacks, Corero Network Security, is a pioneer in global network security.
Taking into consideration deterioration of military and political situation in Afghanistan's Kunduz Province, which borders Tajikistan's Khatlon Province, the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan together with other power-wielding structures of the country has completed work on creation of the second line of defense along the Khatlon stretch of the Tajik-Afghan border," an official source at the Ministry told Asia-Plus.
First line of defense (layer 1): Managers respond daily to risks at the operations level in order to be more efficient and effective in the long and short run and, ultimately, meet performance requirements in their business or strategic plan.
The first line of defense addresses how environmental health practices can control man-made and naturally occurring environmental conditions and thus prevent disease.
This fraction of treated wood is considered to be exceptionally good quality at the first line of defense.
THE FBI SAYS CPAs STAND AS A SOLID LINE of defense in thwarting basic accounting fraud: The independence of CPAs, as well as their objectivity and professional skepticism, remains a crucial element in conducting effective audits.
If your defensive measures are limited to antivirus software and firewalls, perhaps it's time to strengthen the line of defense.
An employer's first line of defense against exposure to occupational hazards should be engineering and work practice controls.
IBDSS provides a critical line of defense for all critical assess--fixed, temporary, or mobile--by way of electronic detection, alarm assessment, access control, communications, and command, control, and display capabilities to support and give effective response.