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n. pl. lingcod or ling·cods
A large, northern Pacific food fish (Ophiodon elongatus) of the family Hexagrammidae, having an elongated greenish-gray body.


n, pl -cod or -cods
(Animals) any scorpaenoid food fish of the family Ophiodontidae, esp Ophiodon elongatus, of the N Pacific Ocean



n., pl. -cods, (esp. collectively) -cod.
a large-mouthed game fish, Ophiodon elongatus, of the N Pacific, related to the greenling.
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Noun1.lingcod - the lean flesh of a fish caught off the Pacific coast of the United Stateslingcod - the lean flesh of a fish caught off the Pacific coast of the United States
Ophiodon elongatus, lingcod - food fish of the northern Pacific related to greenlings
saltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as food
2.lingcod - food fish of the northern Pacific related to greenlingslingcod - food fish of the northern Pacific related to greenlings
genus Ophiodon, Ophiodon - a genus of Ophiodontidae
scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish - fishes having the head armored with bony plates
lingcod - the lean flesh of a fish caught off the Pacific coast of the United States
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Lingcods OELO 3787 and OELO 3777 homed from Anacapa Island to Platform Gail, moved to Platform Grace and subsequently returned to Platform Gail, each moving a minimum of 27 km.
Species Common Name Species Code Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus OELO Mexican rockfish Sebastes macdonaldi SMAC Greenblotched rockfish Sebastes rosenblatti SGBL Brown rockfish Sebastes auriculatus SAUR Vermilion rockfish Sebastes miniatus SMIN Copper rockfish Sebastes caurinus SCAU Widow rockfish Sebastes entomelas SENT Squarespot rockfish Sebastes hopkinsi SHOP Blue rockfish Sebastes mystinus SMYS Bocaccio Sebastes paucispinis SPAU Flag rockfish Sebastes rubrivinctus SRUB Starry rockfish Sebastes constellatus SCON Platform (# of fish) Size Range Common Name (TL in cm) Gail Gilda Grace Lingcod 66.
Movements of lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) in southeast Alaska: potential for increased conservation and yield from marine reserves.
Variation in temporal and spatial patterns of homing, movements and area use within and among species in this study illustrates behavioral plasticity present in adult rockfish and lingcod populations around offshore oil platforms; this, among other factors, may reduce competition and contribute to population stabilization.
Based on the longer-term patterns in detection after release, rockfishes and lingcod could indeed, be successfully translocated.
A telemetric study of the home ranges and homing routes of lingcod Ophiodon elongates on shallow rocky reefs off Vancouver Island, British Colombia.
rubrivinctus), 27 vermilion rockfish and one lingcod.
Lingcod moved to either Anacapa Island or Platform Gail (Fig.
Compared to previous experiments displacing rockfishes, results from the current study revealed not only how quickly lingcod and rockfish can recover from catch, release, and tagging stress, but also the speed at which they orient themselves to a new environment and navigate home.
It is not clear why lingcod and vermilion rockfish make such large migrations between platforms and natural habitat.