linguistic profiling

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Noun1.linguistic profiling - using speech characteristics or dialect to identify a speaker's race or religion or social class
identification - evidence of identity; something that identifies a person or thing
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The mainstream strategies involved creating partnerships, funding phonetic chairs, undertaking cross-linguistic studies, sharing research findings and ensuring linguistic profiling.
He published the first of more than 100 books in 1964 and is known chiefly for his work on English language studies, and for developing a range of linguistic profiling techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
Linguistic Profiling of Texts for the Purpose of Language Verification, Annual Meeting of the ACL, July, 2004, Barcelona
Whereas racial profiling is the tendency to assign a person to a particular racial group based on physical, visual cues such as those described above, linguistic profiling is a similar activity that uses auditory cues "used to identify an individual or individuals as belonging to a linguistic subgroup within a given speech community, including a racial subgroup" (Baugh, 2000, p.