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n, pl -las or -lae (-ˌliː)
a small, tonguelike projection, such as that found in the left lung


(ˈlɪŋ gyə lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli)
a tongue-shaped organ, process, or tissue.
[1655–65; < New Latin, Latin, dim of lingua tongue; compare ligula]
lin′gu•lar, adj.


n. língula, proyección o estructura en forma de lengüeta.
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Some of the most ancient Silurian animals, as the Nautilus, Lingula, &c.
lingula was re-drawn after Roback & Nieser (1974), and the accuracy of the drawing cannot be confirmed.
The nasopharyngeal swab sample and the right middle lobe and lingula BAL fluid specimens were positive for EV-D68.
The patient underwent left lower-lobe resection; pathology on a section of the lingula revealed a low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma consistent with metastatic disease.
On the other hand, shellfish species burrowing in the soil substrate at station 3 that include Telescopium telescopium, Polymesoda bengalensis, Lingula unguis, and Katelysia japonica were likewise found to contain minimal toxicities, ranging from 6 + 1 to 20 + 1 [micro]g STXeq/100 g tissue.
This clade is related to another clade including Ordovician Pseudolingula Mickwitz 1909, Devonian Lingulasma Ulrich, 1889, Devonian-Carboniferous Bicarinatina Batrukova, 1969 and modern genera Glottidia Dall, 1870 and Lingula Bruguiere, 1797 (Cusack et al.
The mean C values for these 8 species--namely, Lingula anatina, Lingula reevii, Discradisca stella, Terebratulina crossei, Laqueus rubellus, Laqueus blanfordi, Terebrataliu coreanica, and Platidia japonica--were 0.
All lobes should be sampled, and determinations based on biopsies of the right middle lobe or lingula are best avoided.
A chest computed tomography (CT) also showed multiple cavitary lesions at the sites of the right medial lobe, right inferior lobe superior segment, and left lingula inferior segment along with nodular lesions at the right inferior lobe superior segment (Figure 2).
Discrete hypermetabolic nodules were seen in the right lower lobe as well as the lingula (Figure 3).
Etymology: From Latin lingula (tongue), referring to the tongue-shaped embolus.
However, other typical CT findings, including nodules with associated bronchiectasis particularly in the lingula and right middle lobe, may help in the diagnosis.