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Any of several catlike viverrid mammals of the genera Poiana and Prionodon of Asia and Africa, having a spotted coat and a long banded tail.



(Animals) any of several forest-dwelling viverrine mammals, Poiana richardsoni of W Africa or either of the two species of Prionodon of S Asia: closely related to the genets, having a very long tail and a spotted or banded coat of thick fur
[C19: Malay]


(ˈlɪn sæŋ)

any of several civetlike carnivores of the genera Prionodon, of S Asia, and Poiana, of Africa.
[1880–85; < Javanese lingsang]
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99) requires good reading skills but will appeal to elementary grades interested in unusual animals and many an adult who may not have heard of the Cuban Solenodon, the Long-Tailed Dunnart, or the Banded Linsang.
Some of the expressions are magnificent, like the embarrassed Lesser Fairy Armadillo or the sneaky Banded Linsang.
Smaller carnivores include red panda, red fox, yellow-throated marten, Eurasian otter, Oriental small-clawed otter, spotted linsang, binturong, common palm civet, small Indian civet, large Indian civet, masked palm civet, marbled cat, fishing cat, Asiatic golden cat, and two species of mongoose.