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Any of several catlike viverrid mammals of the genera Poiana and Prionodon of Asia and Africa, having a spotted coat and a long banded tail.



(Animals) any of several forest-dwelling viverrine mammals, Poiana richardsoni of W Africa or either of the two species of Prionodon of S Asia: closely related to the genets, having a very long tail and a spotted or banded coat of thick fur
[C19: Malay]


(ˈlɪn sæŋ)

any of several civetlike carnivores of the genera Prionodon, of S Asia, and Poiana, of Africa.
[1880–85; < Javanese lingsang]
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Smaller carnivores include red panda, red fox, yellow-throated marten, Eurasian otter, Oriental small-clawed otter, spotted linsang, binturong, common palm civet, small Indian civet, large Indian civet, masked palm civet, marbled cat, fishing cat, Asiatic golden cat, and two species of mongoose.
JAKARTA - Two Japanese nationals have been arrested and later released on bail for trying to smuggle 15 birds -- three of them being endangered Javan hawk-eagles -- and a banded linsang from the Indonesian resort island of Bali to Japan, conservationists said late Thursday.
ANIMAL FOODS LUNDAYEH ENGLISH COMMON NAME SCIENTIFIC NAME NAME Akep Snails freshwater Unknown species Arem Pangolin Manis javanica Badan Small-toothed palm Arctogalidia trivirgata civet Bakaa Boar Sus barbatus Becuk Pig-tailed macaque Macaca nemestrina Beladan / ebu Turtle Unknown species Belug Stinging hornet / Unknown species Night wasp Berangad Hose's langur / Grey Presbytis hosei leaf monkey Beruang Sun bear Helarctos malayanus Falang alud Banded linsang Prionodon linsang Fugeh Slow loris &/or Nycticebus coucang / Western tarsier?