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The seed of flax, especially when used as the source of linseed oil; flaxseed.

[Middle English linsed, from Old English līnsǣd : līn, flax (from Latin līnum; see lī̆no- in Indo-European roots) + sǣd, seed; see seed.]


(Botany) another name for flaxseed
[Old English līnsǣd, from līn flax + sǣd seed]



the seed of flax; linseed.
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Noun1.linseed - the seed of flax used as a source of oil
oil-rich seed, oilseed - any of several seeds that yield oil


A. Nlinaza f
B. CPD linseed oil Naceite m de linaza


nLeinsamen m
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Friendly this, on the part of the Duke of Linseed (and thoughtful in the postscript), only lithographed by the hundred and presenting but a pale individuality of an address to Nicodemus Boffin, Esquire, in quite another hand.
Surely the time was gone forever when the broad river could bring up unwelcome ships; Russia was only the place where the linseed came from,--the more the better,--making grist for the great vertical millstones with their scythe-like arms, roaring and grinding and carefully sweeping as if an informing soul were in them.
2003) showed that the dietary supplements of entire linseeds restricted the development rate associated with several microbial organizations (other than psychrotrophic germs) having a consequent improves in meat shelf existence.
Limalin Gold is more neutral in colour as we use yellow linseeds to give a golden/yellow colour: Also, it is easy to use, is stable for 12 months, has a neutral colour--and there is no impact in texture or taste.
APPLE AND CARROT CAKE INGREDIENTS 175g honey 175ml sunflower oil 3 eggs 2 small apples (peeled, cored and diced into 1cm pieces) 150g grated carrot 30g walnuts (finely chopped) 50g raisins 50g dates (finely chopped) Zest of an orange 170g gluten-free flour 1tsp bicarbonate soda 1tsp baking powder 1tsp ground cinnamon 1/2tsp grated nutmeg 10g linseeds METHOD 1 PREHEAT the oven to 170degC.
49 regular Clover spread but with seven seeds and wholegrains added: sesame, barley, linseeds, oats, wheat, rye and millet to make it a bit healthier.
The croissants will blend the natural taste and flavour of sesame, linseeds, rye flour and whole wheat flour offering a healthy bite to consumers, a statement said.
Petit (2002) observed that the whole grains of linseeds hindered the digestibility of EE (ether extract) and the CP (crude protein), compared with supply of Megalac[R] or soybean.
17 April 2009 - A team of French researchers have discovered that a dietary supply of extruded linseeds decreases methane production both with hay and maize silage diets, without altering milk yield in dairy cows.
Made from linseeds, this oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids; it has 57 per cent more than fish oils.
Well I've got my linseeds, my sunflower seeds and my pumpkin seeds, now where are the flax seeds?