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1. linters The short fibers that cling to cottonseeds after the first ginning.
2. A machine that removes these short fibers from the seeds of cotton.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a machine for stripping the short fibres of ginned cotton seeds
2. (Textiles) (plural) the fibres so removed


(ˈlɪn tər)

1. linters, short cotton fibers that stick to seeds after a first ginning.
2. a machine for removing lint.
[1730–40, Amer.]
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Sam Linter, Managing Director at Bolney Wine Estate said:The English wine industry is at a very exciting stage of growth and in 2006 we received a grant from Defra that enabled us to build a state of the art winery, using new and innovative winemaking technology.
Tenders are invited for First Cut Bleached Cotton Linter Pulp In Sheet Form
1 million after tax in restructuring and impairment expenses associated with the closure of the Glueckstadt, Germany cotton linter pulp plant in December 2005.
Limited tenders are invited for Spare part parts for nc plant:sprocket wheel for linter dryespare parts for nc plant
It is composed of regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton linter, the short fibers on cotton seeds.
Staged originally For Berlin's Staatsoper linter den Linden, this all-too-typical exercise in German Regietheater even added a mute Jacqueline Kennedy character in pillbox hat to shadow her husband's infidelity and arrange for her rival's depature through that lady's husband's promotion.
The products regarding which procurement MoUs were signed include zinc concentrates and copper concentrates, cotton yarn, frozen fish, linter, cotton and cotton yarn, menthol, castor oil and sugar gum, acrylic tow, Indian granite block and cedrus deodara seed," the ministry stated.
Crooner Martin Rhodes opened the programme and, before rendering several Sinatra favourites, delivered the serious messages of the evening; thanking the sponsors, the audience and the VIP guests -- including Station Commander Akrotiri, Group Captain J Linter OBE & his wife Anne and the Mukhtar of Pissouri, Christos Foutas and members of his family.
Citizens of the area have demanded to put a concrete linter on this nullah and build a two-row road on it.
This type of cottonseed lacks linter fibers and cannot be fed to dairy cows without special processing.
Cottonseed short linter residue (CLR) is a material that consists of cotton short linters arising from a fine cottonseed hull delinting process, together with kernels culled before cottonseed oil extraction.