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Noun1.lipemia - presence of excess lipids in the blood
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease


n. lipemia, presencia anormal de grasa en la sangre.
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why is the liquid portion of their blood sample clear, hemolyzed, icteric or lipemic after its centrifugation)?
Alternatively, sudden compression of the lipemic and engorged mesenteric lymphatics, adjacent nodes, and lower thoracic duct aggravated by deformations associated with stretching and tearing motions may also directly disrupt chyle containing lymphatics (6).
19) These children all exhibited a similar constellation of symptoms including metabolic acidosis, lipemic serum, and refractory bradycardia progressing to asystole.
The "Extraction of the Lipemic Serum Samples with Chloroform" protocol used in lipemic serum samples was applied.
The insert sheet for one testing system cites that false negative D-dimer results may be obtained with lipemic samples.
Of interest, the addition of bergamot to rosuvastatin greatly enhanced the effect of rosuvastatin on the lipemic profile (a significant reduction in TG levels (152 [+ or -] 5 mg/dl [rosuvastatin 10 mg + BPF 1000 mg] and 200 [+ or -] 4 mg/dl [rosuvastatin 10 mg], respectively, versus 235 [+ or -] 5 mg/dl [placebo]; p < 0.
The reasons of blood units discarded include fail tap; seropositivity; leakage during handling of bags; expired because of nonutilization; and other reasons such as hemolysis, grossly lipemic serum, and clot formation.
Avoid lipemic, hemolyzed, or Pickering et al, (15) 2005 icteric specimens 6.
When a PTT result is prolonged, the sample must be evaluated for turbidity, icteric, lipemic or hemolyzed visage.