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(ˈlɪp əˌfɪl ɪŋ, ˈlaɪ pə-)
the surgical transfer of fat removed by liposuction to areas of the body that need filling out.
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The Renevia data will be presented by primary investigator Ramon Llull, MD, PhD, director of Stem Europe Mallorca Center, Mallorca, Spain, at the "Contributed Talks Lipofilling, PRP, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells.
Loco-regional recurrence risk after lipofilling in breast cancer patients.
Our controlled study shows that, used as part of breast reconstruction, lipofilling is a safe procedure that does not increase the risk of recurrent or new breast cancers," comments ASPS member surgeon Dr.
This range of three products, Reparative shampoo, Reparative conditioning treatment and Reparative serum, draws inspiration from the dcrmatological technique of Lipofilling with Kerato-Filler, an"intra keratin" fiber filler that reportedly helps restore the inner hair substance.
Other treatments had failed, and the successful treatment with ADRC-enriched lipofilling has helped them to resume a normal lifestyle.
Total quantity or scope: Liposuction System - lipoinjectie / lipofilling for remodeling transfer autologous tissue breast adipocyte min 1 max 3
Henk Snyman, managing director for Cryo-Lip, said that apart from the cryostorage of adult stem cells for later medical use, the company can now also release back to plastic surgeons the adipose tissue itself for clinical applications such as lipofilling.