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1. liquid.
2. liquor.
3. (in prescriptions) solution.
[< Latin liquor]
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Their PS model included the three factors of FF, the momentum anomaly (MOM) of Carhart (1997), and their LIQ factor.
8220;We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” reported Patrick Geraghty, President of the Board of Directors at the Lupus Alliance of LIQ.
The Lupus Alliance of LIQ was established in 1955, is a 501c3 non-profit based on Long Island and is the only locally based agency that offers services to those living with lupus and their families in the Nassau, Suffolk and Queens areas.
05 in the case of LIQ in Morocco (implying it would take about 20 years to restore the long-run equilibrium) to a high of 1.
Although several fundraisers are held throughout the year to raise the funds to support their programs, the Walk-Along for Lupus is the largest and most successful Lupus Alliance LIQ event.