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In response to voltages applied to those electrodes, the liquid-crystal rods rotate into new orientations, explains Guoqiang Li of the University of Arizona and a member of the development team.
Resins tested included amorphous and semi-crystalline thermoplastics, liquid-crystal polymer (LCP), and thermoplastic blends.
When it comes to liquid crystal research, we find that there is a lot of research related to the development of new materials for liquid-crystal mixtures and alignment layers with improved lifetime for projection LCDs, faster liquid-crystal materials to improve video performance, chemical synthesis and physical properties of new liquid crystalline materials, liquid crystal polymers and elastomers, composite systems with liquid crystalline components, study of topological defects and patterns, and so on," says the analyst Archana Jayarajah.
After the scientists washed away the liquid crystal, they were left with a polymer film that retained the nanoscale and microscale structure of the liquid-crystal cylinders, says Stupp.
Now, researchers have developed a liquid-crystal gadget that sits on the end of a hair-thin optical fiber of the type currently installed underground and corrects the worst signal damage that such a fiber inflicts, says John A.
IDRC is unique in the world of technical display conferences because it is a hands-on event that focuses on the research behind the hottest display technologies, including plasma displays, liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), flexible displays and electronic paper.
Within the membranes, liquid-crystal molecules are oriented like the steps of a spiral staircase, says Antonio Munoz of the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico City.
The Company's liquid-crystal microdisplays, ultra-efficient transistors and high-brightness GaN LEDs enhance the delivery and presentation of voice, video and data.
In fact, an imperceptible murmur may emanate from cell phones, calculators, and other devices with liquid-crystal displays.
The company's liquid-crystal microdisplays, ultra-efficient transistors and high-brightness light emitting diodes enhance the delivery and presentation of voice, video and data.
The material combines a transparent liquid-crystal film with a dye that glows blue under ultraviolet illumination.
LCOS devices are used in a variety of consumer products such as wide-screen TVs, digital (video) cameras, rear-projection PC monitors, liquid-crystal front projectors, and head mount displays.

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