liquidity crisis

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Noun1.liquidity crisis - a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high
financial condition - the condition of (corporate or personal) finances
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The first phase was the immediate liquidity crisis triggered by the turning of the global financial cycle and the subsequent collapse of Lehman Brothers.
Summary: The Centre's move to address the liquidity crisis in the construction sector fails to address key issues.
For instance, when a severe liquidity crisis hit the U.
When runs spread through the entire banking system, they cause a liquidity crisis that impairs banks' welfare-enhancing maturity transformation and risk-sharing services.
Arguing that the economic theory dominating academic teaching in the last forty years has not been applicable to the economic system, the author shows how post-Keynesian economic theory can apply to the real world and address problems with current theory by legislating regulatory rules on financial markets and having central banks ready to alleviate a financial liquidity crisis if it occurs.
This includes regulatory liquidity requirements from Basel III, LCR, NSFR and IFSB related liquidity standards, root causes of major liquidity crisis, specific drivers, and mitigation, liquidity risk in governance framework and treasury operations; and case studies and exercises and regulatory compliance in liquidity requirements for Islamic
In the statement he reiterates his questions about double standards applied to the crises at KTB and First Investment Bank, with the latter having received state support after also undergoing a liquidity crisis.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance said that the two sides discussed during the meeting, a number of measures to address the current liquidity crisis in the country.
According to experts, the PBOC is trying to strike a balance by guiding interbank interest rates steadily higher to reduce excess credit growth while avoiding a liquidity crisis that could lead to panic and squeeze of funding into the real economy.
The initial move to the Chartis brand came as a result of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 when AIG suffered a liquidity crisis and was bailed out by the Federal Reserve and the United States Department of the Treasury.
Alitalia has hired boutique investment bank Leonardo to help tackle a liquidity crisis Alitalia has hired boutique investment bank Leonardo to help tackle a liquidity crisis that may see it running out of cash before year's end.
Other commodities experienced mixed fortunes as traders also eyed China's easing liquidity crisis and stronger global stock markets.