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a. The state of matter in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow and little or no tendency to disperse, and is amorphous but has a fixed volume and is difficult to compress.
b. Matter or a specific body of matter in this state.
2. Linguistics A consonant articulated without friction and capable of being prolonged like a vowel, such as English l and r.
1. Of or being a liquid.
2. Having been liquefied, especially:
a. Melted by heating: liquid wax.
b. Condensed by cooling: liquid oxygen.
3. Flowing readily; fluid: added milk to make the batter more liquid.
4. Having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks: liquid prose; the liquid movements of a ballet dancer.
5. Linguistics Articulated without friction and capable of being prolonged like a vowel.
6. Clear and shining: the liquid brown eyes of a spaniel.
7. Existing as or readily convertible into cash: liquid assets.

[From Middle English, of a liquid, from Old French liquide, from Latin liquidus, from liquēre, to be liquid.]

liq′uid·ly adv.
liq′uid·ness n.
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The full year 2018 liquidly ratio (gross debt:EBITDAX) is forecast at 5 with year-end 2018 gearing forecast to marginally increase to 9% (gross debt / gross debt + equity).
Not just that, when looking for solutions, if one talks about cash management it would be assumed that the solution would largely be related to either collections or payments or liquidly management.
I do remember that I was wearing a slinky red dress made by my friend Kai Lofton that flowed liquidly over my dancer-lithe body.
We focus on the price at Henry Hub, Louisiana, which is the delivery point for liquidly traded natural gas futures contracts.
How the artist created ripples of melodies, soon turning them into cascades of liquidly streaming notes that then built up into a tsunami, enveloping, enfolding her listeners like water embracing a deep-sea swimmer.
ADEP financing was structured as a combination of Wakala (agency) and Murabaha agreements enabling investors to buy and take title from Rancher, of liquidly traded cattle (the most liquid agricultural commodity in BMF Bovespa, Brazil's largest exchange), insured and stored physically in separate feedlots inspected and supervised by a global monitoring company; and appointing ADEP (as agent) and Rancher (as sub-agent) to sell cattle at principal plus agreed profit rate primarily to Brazil's key Global beef processing companies on payment against delivery basis.