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Noun1.liquor licence - a license authorizing the holder to sell alcoholic beverages
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
on-license - a license to sell liquor for consumption on the premises
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In response to recent media reports that the Liquor Licensing Board (LLB) had given preferential treatment to its member when processing liquor licence applications, the LLB issued the following statement today (November 8):
The LLB has been handling every liquor licence application in accordance with the established procedures, and adopting the same yardstick by taking relevant departments and stakeholders' views into full consideration before making decisions.
But getting a liquor licence is no small feat in Delhi.
There is a series licence that one requires before actually getting a liquor licence.
The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on Wednesday cancelled the liquor licence of notorious Showgirls Bar 20 found in the central business district in Melbourne, ending a long legal battle by the Victoria Police against the strip joint.
It also banned the company from being a partner in any liquor licence and gaining any beneficial interest from a liquor licence.
A shopkeeper has been fined and had her liquor licence suspended after pleading guilty to making a false declaration on the licence application form.
The Liquor Licence Act is the dominant legislation in Ontario dealing with alcohol consumption.
Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, to hold a liquor licence, a grocery stores principal business must be the sale of food products.
With experience, the police and the community began to work together to collect evidence and more effectively pressure the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario (LLBO) to revoke liquor licenses.
The following is issued on behalf of the Liquor Licensing Board: Members of the Liquor Licensing Board, led by the Board Chairman, Mr Stephen Yau, visited a number of premises with liquor licences in Wan Chai and Central districts in the small hours of today (November 13) to learn more about the operation of different types of premises with liquor licences and related enforcement actions by the Police.