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Noun1.liquor license - a license authorizing the holder to sell alcoholic beverages
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
on-license - a license to sell liquor for consumption on the premises
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The plan moved forward Monday, with Geneva aldermen giving preliminary approval of a liquor license for the 1910 Bar.
Brevard County 4-COP Quota liquor license (Alcoholic beverage License).
ISLAMABAD -- Islamic Scholars from all over the country declared Ishtiaq Ahmed S/o Gull Mohammad and Tahir Mehmood Tareen as Non Muslim and out of fold of Islam as they showed themselves Non Muslim for seeking the liquor license.
Butt filed an application for a liquor license with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission late last month to open the strip club in a building on 14th and Main streets that used to house Club 1444.
Under the Act, after an application for transfer of a retail liquor license has been submitted, the application is subject to two levels of governmental scrutiny, one by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the other by the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.
The recent decision by the License Commission not allowing the transfer of the full liquor license to Price Chopper was a complete sham, and the Telegram & Gazette failed to tell the complete story ("Price Chopper is denied hard liquor license in Worcester,'' Telegram & Gazette, March 20).
Therefore buildings with preexisting liquor licenses are able to command higher sales prices, and the value of the liquor license, in turn, increases the value of the building for investors.
BURBANK - The new owners of Gitana restaurant, a once-troubled night spot in downtown Burbank, will be granted a liquor license to operate the pared-down establishment.
Okano, who job at the tax office involved mediating disputes over liquor licenses, allegedly took the money helping the convenience store operator retain the liquor license that had belonged to the former owner of the convenience store.
As mentioned earlier, clause 6(2)(h) of the Liquor Licence Act states that it is the right of a license applicant to obtain a liquor license subject to the public-interest right of residents in the area.
When people call and ask me if I'd support them in getting a liquor license in my district, my standard line is, |Are you building a shopping center, too?