list processing

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Noun1.list processing - processing data that is given in the form of chained lists
data processing - (computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information
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National Geographic has utilized Experian's mailing lists and list processing services for more than 20 years to drive effective direct mail campaigns.
Through the A-Qua integration with DocuMailer, Objectif Lune's PlanetPress([R]) and PrintShop Mail users also have access to address quality and mail list processing features in the cloud.
This will enable Experian clients to analyze new markets and previous campaign performance, test lending criteria, streamline the campaign process by consolidating all list processing into the system and track campaign results.
In comparison to A-Qua Mailer, where a browser is used to access services, A-Qua Command provides a Windows command line interface for users to configure templates and scripts that automate repetitive or similar address quality and mail list processing jobs.