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list 1

1. A series of names, words, or other items written, printed, or imagined one after the other: a shopping list; a guest list; a list of things to do.
2. A considerable number; a long series: recited a list of dates memorized.
v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
1. To make a list of; itemize: listed his previous jobs.
2. To enter in a list; register: listed each item received.
3. To put (oneself) in a specific category: lists herself as an artist.
4. Archaic To recruit.
1. To have a stated list price: a radio that lists for ten dollars over the sale price.
2. Archaic To enlist in the armed forces.

[French liste, from Old French, from Old Italian lista, of Germanic origin.]

list′er n.

list 2

a. A narrow strip, especially of wood.
b. Architecture See listel.
c. A border or selvage of cloth.
2. A stripe or band of color.
a. often lists An arena for jousting tournaments or other contests.
b. A place of combat.
c. An area of controversy.
4. A ridge thrown up between two furrows by a lister in plowing.
5. Obsolete A boundary; a border.
tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
1. To cover, line, or edge with list.
2. To cut a thin strip from the edge of.
3. To furrow or plant (land) with a lister.

[Middle English, from Old English līste.]

list 3

An inclination to one side, as of a ship; a tilt.
intr. & tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
To lean or cause to lean to the side: The damaged ship listed badly to starboard. Erosion first listed, then toppled the spruce tree.

[Origin unknown.]

list 4

intr. & tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists Archaic
To listen or listen to.

[Middle English listen, from Old English hlystan; see kleu- in Indo-European roots.]

list 5

 (lĭst) Archaic
v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
To be pleasing to; suit.
To be disposed; choose.
A desire or inclination.

[Middle English listen, to desire, please, from Old English lystan; see las- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈlɪs tɪd)

1. (of a security) admitted to trading privileges on a stock exchange.
2. (of a telephone number or telephone subscriber) represented in a telephone directory.
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Adj.1.listed - on a list
unlisted - not on a list; "an unlisted telephone number"


[ˈlɪstɪd] ADJ listed building (Brit) → edificio m protegido
listed companyempresa f con cotización
listed securitiesvalores mpl registrados en bolsa


(Brit) buildingunter Denkmalschutz (→ stehend attr); it’s a listed buildinges steht unter Denkmalschutz
(St Ex) companyan der Börse notiert; listed companybörsennotiertes Unternehmen; listed option/securitiesbörsengehandelte Option f/Wertpapiere pl
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All Other Business Relationships: OFAC regulations are not specific to policy transactions and generally prohibit any business transactions with listed persons.
6111; (2) is a listed transaction; or (3) a potential material advisor knows is (or expects will become) a reportable transaction.
Under current IRS audit procedures, examining revenue agents are instructed to obtain the "tax accrual workpapers" relating to the financial accounting treatment of listed transactions.
45) Only one priest listed a Greek lexicon, supporting the conclusion that few of the Novarese priests pursued Greek.
The distributors listed here offer a wide range of similar services, with slight variations on emphases and specialization.
TopList Software provides mailing addresses and phone numbers of the companies listed as well as information on black organizations.
This so-called Toxics Release Inventory resulted in periodic reporting by companies of the listed chemicals on a volume basis.
Listed in Table 2 are a number of Web sites that can be used to obtain state tax forms.
Government, including 26 Federal Plaza, that are exempt but have outstanding water or other charges and are listed by mistake.
A listed security receives more local publicity and has daily stock prices quoted in the local papers.
NewMarket independently listed its first emerging market technology subsidiary in the forth quarter of 2006, NewMarket China (OTCBB:IICP).
Accordingly, CRTC Section 18407 requires California taxpayers to disclose transactions subject to Federal disclosure with their state return, for tax years beginning after 2002; see SB 614/AB 1601, Section 15(b) and the discussion below for special rules applicable to listed transactions.