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list 1

1. A series of names, words, or other items written, printed, or imagined one after the other: a shopping list; a guest list; a list of things to do.
2. A considerable number; a long series: recited a list of dates memorized.
v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
1. To make a list of; itemize: listed his previous jobs.
2. To enter in a list; register: listed each item received.
3. To put (oneself) in a specific category: lists herself as an artist.
4. Archaic To recruit.
1. To have a stated list price: a radio that lists for ten dollars over the sale price.
2. Archaic To enlist in the armed forces.

[French liste, from Old French, from Old Italian lista, of Germanic origin.]

list′er n.

list 2

a. A narrow strip, especially of wood.
b. Architecture See listel.
c. A border or selvage of cloth.
2. A stripe or band of color.
a. often lists An arena for jousting tournaments or other contests.
b. A place of combat.
c. An area of controversy.
4. A ridge thrown up between two furrows by a lister in plowing.
5. Obsolete A boundary; a border.
tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
1. To cover, line, or edge with list.
2. To cut a thin strip from the edge of.
3. To furrow or plant (land) with a lister.

[Middle English, from Old English līste.]

list 3

An inclination to one side, as of a ship; a tilt.
intr. & tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
To lean or cause to lean to the side: The damaged ship listed badly to starboard. Erosion first listed, then toppled the spruce tree.

[Origin unknown.]

list 4

intr. & tr.v. list·ed, list·ing, lists Archaic
To listen or listen to.

[Middle English listen, from Old English hlystan; see kleu- in Indo-European roots.]

list 5

 (lĭst) Archaic
v. list·ed, list·ing, lists
To be pleasing to; suit.
To be disposed; choose.
A desire or inclination.

[Middle English listen, to desire, please, from Old English lystan; see las- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈlɪs tɪd)

1. (of a security) admitted to trading privileges on a stock exchange.
2. (of a telephone number or telephone subscriber) represented in a telephone directory.
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Adj.1.listed - on a list
unlisted - not on a list; "an unlisted telephone number"


[ˈlɪstɪd] ADJ listed building (Brit) → edificio m protegido
listed companyempresa f con cotización
listed securitiesvalores mpl registrados en bolsa


(Brit) buildingunter Denkmalschutz (→ stehend attr); it’s a listed buildinges steht unter Denkmalschutz
(St Ex) companyan der Börse notiert; listed companybörsennotiertes Unternehmen; listed option/securitiesbörsengehandelte Option f/Wertpapiere pl
References in classic literature ?
The old man had listed hundreds of the truths in his book.
There is also a universal government bulletin, in which are listed and precisely described everything which the commonwealth has for sale.
And now, without a word of warning from the Ghost, they stood upon a bleak and desert moor, where monstrous masses of rude stone were cast about, as though it were the burial-place of giants; and water spread itself wheresoever it listed, or would have done so, but for the frost that held it prisoner; and nothing grew but moss and furze, and coarse rank grass.
From the beginning of time upon Barsoom it has been the prerogative of woman to change her mind as she listed and to dissemble in matters concerning her heart.
How her spent carcass was flung out on the rubbish heap, and how a multitude of laying sisters went about dropping drone-eggs where they listed, and said there was no more need of Queens.
With that knowledge any man could wrest from the Jeddak of Dusar whatever he listed.
It be not heavy enough to weigh me down; nor never has it held me from going where I listed in all England.
In the course of circling about it, the mother accidentally brushed her shoulder under the port quarter of the Mary Turner, and the Mary Turner listed to starboard as her stern was lifted a yard or more.
I had no hat, so I had to wear the sou'wester, and it will be noted that I have listed neither underclothes nor socks.
A drum passing by," he says, "being a lover of music, I listed myself for a soldier.
Sure, he said, Hilyard would sell, an' had already listed the land with
Then I do,' said Sikes, more in the spirit of obstinacy than because he had any real objection to the girl going where she listed.