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Being such that listening is pleasurable: an undistinguished but listenable soundtrack.

lis′ten·a·bil′i·ty n.


easy or pleasant to listen to
ˌlistenaˈbility n


(ˈlɪs ə nə bəl)

pleasant to listen to: soft, listenable music.
lis`ten•a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Sport-wise we traverse the melting pot but easily one of the most interesting and listenable is Ben Coomber who produces and hosts and amazing health and fitness podcast.
As a result, their concerts remain vibrant celebrations of their more recent recordings plus their classic hit singles and that means fan favourites including Enola Gay, Souvenir, Joan Of Arc and Locomotion When the opens, the ideas will listenable.
But Prichard Canniel's audio restoration is eminently listenable, and the commitment and excitement of the performance come through thrillingly.
Single Sweet Nothing, a country-ish shows Aplin has a strong, listenable It's a real pleasure to hear sometimes weary, sometimes bittersweet songs suggest that Aplin has been round the a few times since 2013 as well.
Poorer but unbowed, and like Annie very listenable.
The local punks make some of the most eminently listenable and bounce-ready punk rock around, and songs such as "Boom,'' "Self-Made Prison'' and the brief and hyperkinetic "Stab Your Eyes'' crackle with energy and a sort of devil-may-care defiance that makes each song feel like a tasty guilty pleasure.
Provocative, masterful and immensely listenable, Marla Mase's Speak Deluxe demonstrates that good music and good politics can go together.
The quality of DAB is similar to FM I admit but the quality compared to AM when listening to any of the talk radio on Radio 5 Live, Talksport or music on Absolute is far superior and now at least listenable.
Clearly the 'soul' of the piece, she manages to turn Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard's instantly forgettable songs into something more funky and listenable.
He's probably the most accomplished and watchable - and listenable - broadcaster on the team.
Shelley Morningsong creates a very listenable music offering and an experience of listening to someone sharing the intimate side of their life experiences.
The former is simply put together but distinctly listenable and gently drags you in.