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Being such that listening is pleasurable: an undistinguished but listenable soundtrack.

lis′ten·a·bil′i·ty n.


easy or pleasant to listen to
ˌlistenaˈbility n


(ˈlɪs ə nə bəl)

pleasant to listen to: soft, listenable music.
lis`ten•a•bil′i•ty, n.
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Single Sweet Nothing, a country-ish shows Aplin has a strong, listenable It's a real pleasure to hear sometimes weary, sometimes bittersweet songs suggest that Aplin has been round the a few times since 2013 as well.
Poorer but unbowed, and like Annie very listenable.
This live transmission is not hi-fi, but remains a very listenable record of some great singing, both solo and in ensemble.
The local punks make some of the most eminently listenable and bounce-ready punk rock around, and songs such as "Boom,'' "Self-Made Prison'' and the brief and hyperkinetic "Stab Your Eyes'' crackle with energy and a sort of devil-may-care defiance that makes each song feel like a tasty guilty pleasure.
It's always listenable, especially on the bouncy, irrepressible Spirit and Light House, but it's somehow lacking in thrills.
By blending them, he has created something highly listenable but very different.
He's probably the most accomplished and watchable - and listenable - broadcaster on the team.
Shelley Morningsong creates a very listenable music offering and an experience of listening to someone sharing the intimate side of their life experiences.
The former is simply put together but distinctly listenable and gently drags you in.
IN new track Yo Yo we finally have something listenable from Nicola Roberts.
They are listenable, enjoyable and represent a good mix of easy to difficult melodies.
While his fifth album won't change that state of affairs, it is a highly listenable and easily accessible pick'n'mix of musical styles that will appeal to the mainstream.