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1. A computer program that automatically handles subscription requests and email delivery for members of a discussion group.
2. A file server that is used in the management of email for members of a discussion group.
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DarkTales is also home to one of the largest and most active horror communities on the web, complete with chatrooms, convention coverage, and a listserver (hosted by eGroups.
1 -- Email-on-demand and email listserver software with added features that make it easy to use ListSTAR's recently upgraded features include templates to greatly simplify list creation, increased speed and reliability, intelligent services to reduce administrator burden and support for Open Transport.
He created a Web site in addition to the listserver as a "permanent and one-stop home for supportive information.
When a fellow Marketing Section listserver participant sought ideas on getting members to visit an updated Web site, Catherine A.
Along with the recently released WebSTAR, the most widely used commercial Web server, and ListSTAR, a full-fledged Internet listserver, StarNine's server product line now offers a full-suite of Internet services for both electronic publishing and group communications including web, e-mail, mailing list, ftp and gopher services.
In need of some fresh ideas, Dunn recently asked fellow association executives to share, via ASAE's Executive Management Section listserver, their thought-provoking, conversation-starting questions.
Free evaluation copy of StarNine's ListSTAR(tm) for integrating Internet mail with WebSTAR as well as creating Listserver mailing lists and auto-response mail services
When you are using a public forum like a web-based user group or an IPC listserver, here's some advice.
To subscribe to the Yahoo groups listserver: The homepage for the listserver is: http://health.
Each ASAE professional interest section hosts at least one listserver and, as a member, you can subscribe to any or all of them.
In 2000, MEHA established a listserver to provide a communications link for agencies, and a year later it hired a consultant to develop a Web site.
A listserver (sometimes called a listserv for short back in the days that mainframe program names could accommodate a maximum of 8 characters) is software that manages Internet mailing lists.