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also lith·o·trip·tor  (lĭth′ə-trĭp′tər)
A device that pulverizes kidney stones and gallstones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits.

[Alteration of obsolete lithotriptor, lithontriptor, from lithontriptic, breaking up kidney stones, from New Latin lithontripticus, alteration (influenced by Greek trībein, trīp-, to rub, pound) of lithonthrypticus, from Greek (pharmaka tōn en nephrōis) lithōn thruptika, (drugs) crushing stones (in the kidneys) : lithōn, genitive pl. of lithos, stone + thruptika, neuter pl. of thruptikos, crushing (from thruptein, to crush; see dhreu- in Indo-European roots).]


, lithotripter
n. litotriturador, aparato o mecanismo para triturar cálculos;
extracorporal shock wave ______ extracorporal con ondas de choque.
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Cystolithopaxy may be performed with a 600 micron laser fibre or with a pneumatic or ultrasonic lithotriptor depending on stone burden (Fig.
Allied Urological Services LLC, with Metropolitan Lithotriptor Associates PC, constitutes one of the largest, most experienced providers of lithotripsy, BPH therapy, cryosurgery and a growing selection of other urological services in the New York metropolitan area.
Faerber, who is also co-director of the Kidney Stone/ Lithotriptor Program and the Michigan Center for Minimally Invasive Urology.
The lithotriptor device used for ESWT generates strong shock waves at the treatment site similar to those used in non- surgical treatment of kidney and gall- bladder stones.
The researchers noted that the results related to a 1985 lithotriptor and that more research was needed on newer machines and different models.
The Caltech team members will attempt to build a virtual lithotriptor to simulate what happens to the kidney in a shock wave path.
The device, known as an orthopedic lithotriptor, is used for cases that have failed after six months of conventional therapy.
It employs a lithotriptor device--similar to machines used to eliminate kidney stones--to generate shockwaves focused on the treatment site.
Small gall-stones can be shattered within the body using a lithotriptor machine - the fragments pass into the bowel and cause no further problems.
The lithotriptor was approved for widespread clinical use in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration in December 1984, at which time six experimental sites had lithotriptors (Bloom et al.
With a sound-wave-emitting lithotriptor machine that disrupts kidney stones, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles caused "mini-explosions' of the calcium and clotting proteins found in plaque along vessel segments excised for the experiments.