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It is our united voice that will have to serve as the litmus test for those who support our struggle or purport to do so.
Cancun is the first major litmus test of the Arms Trade Treaty, and a great opportunity for countries to make history by pursuing the goals of the treaty designed to save lives," Mexican daily La Jornada quoted Marek Marczynski, Amnesty International's head of military, security and police, as saying on Thursday.
It's a very narrow window, but it is the litmus test, it is where we find out whether they can stay in the game and physically and mentally deliver what is required," said the New Zealander.
Meera Kaul believes that unflinching trust is the litmus test of a leader
The litmus test will be the introduction of an EU-wide collective redress system for the benefit of its 500 million consumers," commented BEUC Director-General Monique Goyens, in a statement released on 22 May.
CDATA[ What might be a good indicator or litmus test of the direction in which Libya is going?
The Savings-to-Employment Income Ratio is a litmus test for estimating the health of an investor's retirement savings and requires only a few pieces of information to calculate.
The Dongria's campaign became a litmus test of whether a small marginalised tribe could stand up to a multinational company," Jo Woodman, a campaigner with the advocacy group Survival international, said in a statement.
Elliot: And they all have one thing in common, which I capture in the Soloway Mobile Litmus Test for administrators.
Addressing a conference on Competition, Public Policy and Common Man in the national capital, Mukherjee said that the ability to make the desired innovative changes would be a litmus test for the country.
The product will provide almost any textile with the ability to create a 'twenty-first century' litmus test.