littoral zone

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Noun1.littoral zone - the region of the shore of a lake or sea or oceanlittoral zone - the region of the shore of a lake or sea or ocean
coast, seacoast, sea-coast, seashore - the shore of a sea or ocean
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org/events/2017/3/6/2017-pacific-operational-science-and-technology-conference), IDS will conduct three technical presentations on operational space formation cube satellite chemical detection, identification, and imaging technology; acoustic detection identification, imaging and bathymetry technology; and crowd sourced littoral zone bathymetry technology.
Almost half of the country's renewable water resources are found in the littoral zone of Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, which covers a fourth of the country.
uruguayensis on the two cladoceran species would be more intense than predation by adults, and that the notonectid population is more abundant in the littoral zone, where it could exert a potentially higher predation pressure.
Tenders are invited for phase 3 work shall include, but is not limited to, landscape plantings, aquatic littoral zone plantings, lake aeration pump and well drilling with pump, filling of the lake from well source, asphalt trail, rock walls, rock water feature, pump system for water features, amphitheater and overlook stage, pedestrian bridge, soil preparation and irrigation system.
The quadrat, the aquarium net, and small plankton net can all be used to collect Atlantic silverside larvae from the littoral zone of estuaries.
The shore where the road is now used to be a littoral zone, marked by porous, black rocks, which spout water when the water rolls in the right way.
At the shallower littoral zone, the tube was lowered diagonally until it approached the bottom, without touching the sediment.
Rather than looking at what's in the fish's stomach, the scientists relied on stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen in the fish's muscle to assess the diversity of forage eaten and whether the fish were feeding in the shallow, littoral zone or the open water.
The main modes of dispersal I have identified which I also mention in the publication include: transportation by kapenta fishing rigs (as by catch, attachment to floating weeds--particularly the small ones), moving along the littoral zone of the lake (natural dispersal) and people actually moving them from one point of the lake to another.
To assess the current condition of the fish community in Lago de Patzcuaro we sampled six sites containing different types of fish habitat in four lake zones defined by Alcocer & Bernal-Brooks (2002): (1) San Jeronimo (SAJ) is a littoral zone (max.
Pterobranchs, represented by about 30 described species, are found from littoral to continental slope depths, whereas enteropneusts, with about 100 described species, live predominantly in the littoral zone (Hyman, 1959) but have occasionally been found in the deep sea.
The littoral zone of the reservoir, where water abstraction for irrigation and human consumption occurs, is the most contaminated lake area (CHESF, 2004).