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 (lĭ-tûr′jĭ-kəl) also li·tur·gic (-tûr′jĭk)
1. Of, relating to, or in accordance with liturgy: a book of liturgical forms.
2. Using or used in liturgy.
3. Of or relating to the conventional orientation of churches with the altar toward the east.

li·tur′gi·cal·ly adv.
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Although midrashic (2) and liturgic (3) sources speak to Isaac's legacy of self-sacrifice at the akedah, the text itself, as will become apparent, describes another legacy: mustering the strength to live a coherent, goal-oriented, and contributive life after the akedah.
Tezaur liturgic al Sfintei Biserici Creatine Ortodoxe de Rasarit [The liturgical treasure of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Christian Churche].
La chapellc royale de Versa ill us sous Louis XIV: ceremonial, liturgic et musique.
He (and later Robin and their son, Guido) are drawn to the Catholic Church, a tradition with its own particular theatre of liturgic ritual.
Many of the articles are case studies of specific liturgic manuscripts, written with attention to music and poetry.