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n. pl. lizardfish or liz·ard·fish·es
Any of various bottom-dwelling, large-mouthed fishes of the family Synodontidae of warm seas, having a lizardlike head.
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Noun1.lizardfish - tropical fishes with large mouths in lizard-like heads; found worldwide
malacopterygian, soft-finned fish - any fish of the superorder Malacopterygii
family Synodontidae, Synodontidae - soft-finned bottom-dwelling fishes
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From pufferfish, triggerfish, and lizardfish to sea horses and sargasso weed, dolphin seem to gobble up whatever is in their path.
inland silverside Menidia beryllina, spot Leiostomus xanthurus, least puffer Sphoeroidesparvus, and inshore lizardfish Synodus foetens.
The aulopiform lizardfish family Synodontidae is represented in the western Atlantic by 3 genera: Synodus (5 species recognized before this study), Saurida (4), and Trachinocephalus (1).
50) - for any curry virgins out there, nothing to do with duck, but salted lizardfish, something I had never tried before - pilau rice (pounds 1.
Benjakul S, Visessanguan W and J Turksuban Changes in physico-chemical properties and gel-forming ability of lizardfish (Saurida tumbil) during post-mortem storage in ice.
136) Cartilagenous fish include the Southern Stingray; Bony fish include the Atlantic Needlefish, French Angelfish, Lizardfish, Puffer, and Spotfin Mojarra.
A new species of western Atlantic lizardfish (Teleostei: Synodontidae: Synodus, and resurrection of Synodus bondi Fowler, 1939, as a valid species from the Caribbean with redeseriptions of S.
I lost the back end of a couple DOA's, but stuck two of the bucktooth thieves, along with a couple of lizardfish.
mitchilli tend to form large, dense aggregations, whereas many other species such as inshore lizardfish Synodus foetens, pinfish Lagodon rhomboides, and red drum Sciaenops ocellatus tend to be either solitary or found in smaller groups.
Species such as the inshore lizardfish (Synodus foetens), spotfin butterflyfish (Chaetodon ocellatus), and striped burrfish (Chilomycterus schoepfii) were all recorded only in Long Island Sound during the years studied but are known to occur in Narragansett Bay as well.