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Noun1.loading zone - a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded
stop - a spot where something halts or pauses; "his next stop is Atlanta"
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Customers are instructed to call the shop when they arrive to the Loading Zone in the middle of the block on 3rd Street between South Tryon Street and South College Street.
new path of travel improvements including replacement of existing sidewalks, new bus loading zone, parking improvements, new ramps and sidewalks, and site drainage improvements.
Table 2 for the cathode loading zone and Table 3 for the wire drawing zone show the measurement results of the minimum temperature [T.
This led to a lot of carryback spilled along the return path, where it fouled idlers and built up so high under the loading zone that it would encapsulate the tail pulley.
When there is not an adequate supply of loading zone spaces or the spaces provided are considered inconvenient by carriers, freight drivers often create their own parking solutions.
Consistent with the concept of a strength-endurance continuum, the following loading strategies have been proposed to maximize muscular adaptations: a low-repetition loading zone (1-5RM) maximizes muscular strength; a moderate repetition loading zone (8-12RM) maximizes muscular hypertrophy; and a high-repetition loading zone (15+RM) maximizes muscular endurance (Baechle and Earle, 2008).
By retaining a consistent path on the return side, the belt passes over the tail pulley and enters the loading zone centered.
Traditional payload measurements on trucks offer minimal accuracy until the truck leaves the loading zone.
Workspace dimensions measure 51"W x 56'D x 15"H, with a 30" long open belt loading zone, four 3' long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control (350[degrees]F), 30" long open zone, three 3' long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control (1000[degrees]F), 9' long cooling zone and 3' long open unloading zone.
This oven features a 6" long open belt loading zone, 12" long insulated, unheated entrance vestibule, 60" long insulated heating zone with recirculated airflow and a 12" long insulated unheated exit vestibule.
The first step to securing high-end air cargo is to protect the freighter's loading zone.