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An aircraft crew member in charge of loading and unloading cargo or heavy weapons.


the crew member of an aircraft responsible for the cargo


(ˈloʊdˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

an aircrew member responsible for the loading and stowage of cargo aboard an aircraft.


An Air Force technician qualified to plan loads, to operate auxiliary materials handling equipment, and to supervise loading and unloading of aircraft.
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Loadmasters from the 3rd Airlift Squadron also helped Witherly, Hodkin, and Samson Rope application engineers with concerns regarding how the synthetic chain would fit in a slotted interface designed for steel chains on the buffer stop assembly, a device used during specific airdrop missions to keep pallets from shifting forward in the cargo compartment.
The prototypes were: Cargie , a load-carrying robot capable of machine learning; Paper Trail , an app to track airway bills and cargo documents; Viz360 , a virtual training app; and HoloCargo, a 3D scanning and virtual reality system that can help loadmasters build pallets of boxes in a 3D environment.
The increasing number of LoadMasters deployed per customer has driven demand for our 360 Central offering.
Aerial porters and loadmasters figure out weight and balance.
The center features a complete training solution for C-17 pilots and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training to practice the complete range of tasks required for military airlift operations and humanitarian missions, along with other scenarios such as aerial refueling and emergency procedures.
The transition to the C-130J requires maintainers, pilots and loadmasters to complete conversion training.
First, former C-27 instructor loadmasters assigned to the 373 FWS in Kabul were not slated for C-130 training in the United States because of English language deficiencies.
There are usually 30 pilots, 10 flight engineers and 23 loadmasters.
In this scenario, Air Force loadmasters needed to train on company engineer equipment, such as bulldozers, scrapers, and interim high-mobility engineer excavators.
The training for 20 pilots and 10 loadmasters has been completed successfully.
The only crewmembers in the cargo compartment of that C-130 during the airdrop were the loadmasters.
Graduates of the Copilots Course, Multi Engine Course and Loadmasters Course were given wings, certificates and trophies on the occasion.