loan approval

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: approval - formal authorization to get a loan (usually from a bank)
empowerment, authorisation, authorization - the act of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant
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Bangladesh Bank (BB) Sunday asked the scheduled banks to use Bangla in loan approval letters for implementing the objective of the "Bengali Language Introduction Act, 1987", reports BSS.
Some two-and-a-half thousand refugees eligible for interest-rate subsidies on loans from the Central Agency for Equal Distribution of Burdens (Caedb) have been left in the lurch because they cannot obtain loan approval from the banks in the first place, the House refugees committee heard on Tuesday.
Xero Australia managing director, Chris Ridd, said, 'Clearly, the richness of data in Xero that the customer is able to authorise the bank to access means a more complete picture of the customer's financial health can be achieved, and this will tend to speed up any loan approval process.
19 -- "Credila's education loan approval before admission to the USA is the first ever in India
Don't change jobs before or during the loan approval process.
Ross and Yinger argue that the current fair-lending enforcement system is seriously flawed since it misses cases of discrimination in loan approval that take the form of disparate treatment and is incapable of identifying loan-approval discrimination which takes the form of disparate-impact.
The study by the Southern California Coro Foundation, a nonprofit leadership training group, said the low loan approval rate is the result of long-standing mistrust of institutions, cultural divides and language barriers.
These products are directly integrated into our servicing platform, which provides various features such as loan approval, disbursement of funds, customer service, account maintenance, federal reporting and billing collections, payment processing, default aversion, claim filing and uninsured loan recovery.
Loan officers receiving the case in which the external auditor performed management functions for the outsourced internal audit gave the case the lowest independence ratings, financial statement reliability scores and loan approval rate.
MARIETTA, GEORGIA--BASED SOLUNA FIRST has announced a new loan approval system, Soluna Direct, for preferred mortgage brokers.
Steiker was able to effect loan approval within a mere 30 days of the loan application--and at favorable terms for the borrower.