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 (lōth′səm, lōth′-)
Causing loathing; abhorrent. See Synonyms at offensive.

[Middle English lothsome : loth, hateful; see loath + -som, adj. suff.; see -some1.]

loath′some·ly adv.
loath′some·ness n.
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Noun1.loathsomeness - the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotionsloathsomeness - the quality of being disgusting to the senses or emotions; "the vileness of his language surprised us"
odiousness, offensiveness, distastefulness - the quality of being offensive


[ˈləʊðsəmnɪs] N [of person, thing] → lo detestable, lo odioso; [of smell, disease] → lo repugnante


nAbscheulichkeit f, → Widerlichkeit f; (of task)Verhasstheit f; (of deformity)abstoßender Anblick
References in classic literature ?
Every breath exhaled by that monster seemed to have clung to the place and intensified its loathsomeness.
I say nothing of the loathsomeness of the life here.
The warriors licked their hideous lips in anticipation of the feast to come, and vied with one another in the savagery and loathsomeness of the cruel indignities with which they tortured the still conscious prisoner.
she shrieked still more shrilly, "and don't talk to me of your passion and your loathsomeness.
How can she sit on the edge of the abyss of loathsomeness into which she is slipping and refuse to listen when she is told of danger?
42) The Anglican Bishop of Montreal, George Mountain, who visited the island twice, said he observed "scenes of loathsomeness, suffering and horror, in the holds of the ships and in the receptacles for the patients.
A Journey gives us phony Tony in all his unexpurgated loathsomeness.
Could it be he's being kept in because his loathsomeness makes good telly?
For all Soames' loathsomeness, Lewis manages to humanize the insensitive lout.
This perception of his own culture's loathsomeness was widely echoed by Greene's generation of travel writers, but its cause and cure took a distinctive shape in his mind.
She had been given to all the looseness and lewdness of life which either unlawful lust or abominable prostitution could violently call upon her, with the greatest infamy, yea, and with such a public and irrespective unchastity that neither being chaste nor cautious she was regarded not either into what care the loathsomeness of her life was founded or into what bed of lust her lascivious body was transported.
No merely written summary can quite convey the loathsomeness of Aldrich Ames, miming an exaggeratedly casual and insouciant pose and saying: "I knew quite well when I gave the names of our agents in the Soviet Union that I was exposing them to the full machinery of counterespionage and the law and prosecution and capital punishment.