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 (lŏb′yə-lā′tĭd) also lob·u·late (-lāt′)
Having or consisting of lobules.
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An abdominal ultrasound was done, which showed a large lobulated hepatic mass with central lakes and a whorled appearance.
8) Grossly, lymphoma is a solid, homogenous, grey-white mass with a lobulated appearance replacing the testis.
Computed tomography revealed a huge, lobulated mass in the nasal cavity with extension into the posterior sphenoid sinus.
Computed tomography (CT) frequently demonstrates a large, well-circumscribed, round or lobulated mass with a capsule.
CT scan revealed a left orbit mass with a lobulated consistency as well as left globe retraction (Figure 3).
The nucleus may appear in the shape of a band, sausage, letters C or U, or may be lobulated.
Ultrasonography also demonstrated lobulated echogenic masses with central radiating arterial vessels, as well as peripheral vessels, specifically in the large lesion in the right lobe of the liver.
The patient was referred for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which confirmed an extradural lobulated cystic mass extending from T4 to T7 and extending through the left T6/7 widened neural foramen (Figure 3).
2) On mammography, AME appears as a round or lobulated, dense, mostly circumscribed mass, sometimes with partially indistinct margins.
Ultrasound breast revels a course internal echo, a hypoechoic mass with an irregular border and occasionally a lobulated mass (6).
Results of whole-body radiographs taken with the bird under general anesthesia approximately 24 hours after presentation revealed that the cardiac silhouette was enlarged and lobulated (Fig 1).