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1. The act or process of locating: Location of the lost hikers took two days.
2. A place where something is or could be located; a site.
3. A site away from a studio at which part or all of a movie is shot: filming a Western on location in the Mexican desert.
4. A tract of land that has been surveyed and marked off.

[Latin locātiō, locātiōn-, a placing, from locātus, past participle of locāre, to place; see locate.]

lo·ca′tion·al adj.


of or relating to location
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But councillors fear that the isolated site on which they wish to build is inappropriate for this type of development due to there being "no exceptional locational need.
These tools consist of locational data concerning state and federally listed and candidate endangered species, combined with other key information including species-specific habitat requirements and life history information.
Economic trends, locational issues that affect dealerships, and re-imaging projects are also explored in depth.
LugTrack launches first luggage tracking system capable of providing real-time locational data via your smartphone
The system provides sales support, improves internal communication and promotes teamwork throughout the company- across departmental, locational and even country boundaries.
However, there have been claims that the government has been complicit in the programme, sharing locational intelligence with US agencies to help them target the strikes.
56% of the total, reflecting locational strategy of operators.
They note that it is critical that capacity markets do not explicitly or inadvertently discriminate between existing and new resources, exclude participation by demand-side and renewable resources, or ignore locational constraints and interactions with neighbouring markets.
It states that we are "Open All Year" , when we are closed between November 1 and around April 1, and puts the locational indicator in the wrong place on the Gwbert-on-Sea map.
Superior highway access and proximity to Manhattan were among the key locational drivers in the site search.
All facilities and pipelines included in the GIS layers are verified for locational accuracy.
Mr Cameron said: "We will introduce new powers to add to our existing terrorism prevention and investigation measures including stronger locational constraints on suspects under Tpims either through enhanced use of exclusions zones or through relocation powers.