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One that locates, as a smartphone app that shows the locations of nearby services or attractions.


the part of an index that indicates where to look for information


(ˈloʊ keɪ tər, loʊˈkeɪ tər)

1. a person who locates something.
2. a person who determines or establishes the boundaries of land or a mining claim.
Sometimes, lo′cat•er.
[1815–20, Amer.]
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Noun1.locator - a person who fixes the boundaries of land claimslocator - a person who fixes the boundaries of land claims
surveyor - an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures
balise de ralliement
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Young Kearney is one of the original locators, and an equal partner in the mine.
Working length determination for all teeth were initially done with the help of electronic apex locator and stable occlusal refrence points were recorded followed by working length determination by directly observing digital radiograph on the displaying screen,by three different clinicians.
Their Dallas Apartment Locators work with 93% of apartments in North Texas and offer Rental Cash Rebates for using their Dallas Apartment Locator Service.
In the GSM locator design process, priority was given to two basic requirements --namely, the requirement for small dimensions of the locator, and the requirement for long battery life.
Providing cardholders with an easy-to-use ATM locator is essential because ATMs in the MoneyPass Network are owned by other organizations.
The firm began making magnetic locators for land surveyors in the 1970s, and the distinctive 'yellow stick' soon became the global standard for survey monument location.
TeleCommunication Systems Inc (TCS) (Nasdaq:TSYS), a provider of secure mobile communication technology, announced yesterday that it has extended its TCS Family Locator solution to the connected car.
ob) announced on Friday the availability of its PocketFinderGPS Personal Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator devices for purchase immediately throughout the US and Canada exclusively on the Online Apple Store (Nasdaq:AAPL).
Location Based Technologies Inc, a developer of personal locator devices, announced today that its PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator devices go on sale across the United States and Canada from today.
After the instructions are received, ship the target locator using the same FTE document number if possible.
The Where 2 Get It store locator solution will be used to help website visitors find the 1,500 Denny's locations across the US.