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 (lō′sī′, -kē, -kī′)
Plural of locus.


1. (Genetics) the plural of locus
2. (Law) the plural of locus
3. (Mathematics) the plural of locus


(ˈloʊ saɪ, -ki, -kaɪ)

pl. of locus.
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But it is at least problematical, whether an unjust sentence against a foreigner, where the subject of controversy was wholly relative to the lex loci, would not, if unredressed, be an aggression upon his sovereign, as well as one which violated the stipulations of a treaty or the general law of nations.
Loci principal Dave Briggs said the school, which occupies the premises of a former Roman Catholic diocese school in Windsor Park for its middle and high schools, also has an elementary school in a downtown Brooklyn building that formerly housed a parochial school.
Known by loci names such as "D1S80" or sometimes for nearby genes "TPOX," a particular handful of STR loci meet these utility criteria and are well studied, with published primer sets for their amplification and known population statistics for individual repeat numbers at each locus--that is, for a locus, in a given ethnic population, some repeat numbers are commonly found, and others are less commonly found.
A major downfall of these studies has been a paucity of adequate gene loci developed for the genus Brevoortia, and this has ultimately resulted in limited resolution in addressing population structure and hybridization among Brevoortia congeners in the Gulf of Mexico (Anderson, 2007; Anderson and Karel, 2007; Anderson and McDonald, 2007).
For these reasons, we conducted a study to examine the stability of hypervariable loci and the parameters associated with reproducibility, to select loci suitable for prospective molecular epidemiologic studies, and to evaluate the discriminatory power of these loci at a population level in a metropolitan setting.
Because the lifetime of the singlet oxygen reactive species in water is very short (~4 [micro]s), the sensitizer and chemiluminescent LOCI particles need to be essentially bound to one another to produce a signal.
According to Lann, CEDS research services manager, LOCI supports the need for objective, cost-effective economic development by providing the information to know how far a community can go in granting incentive demands, supporting the community's side in negotiations by supplying data about how government costs may change, and helping to understand and communicate how a local economy works.
The HumanHap300 complements Illumina's exon-centric Human-1 BeadChip that can query over 109,000 SNP loci, 70% of which reside in or near genes.
Stuart and the new Loci team are completing several current MMA projects and are supporting Loci's long-term strategic plan to expand its practice to include market-rate and affordable housing.
Moreover, determination of a limited number of polymorphic loci can provide sufficient discriminative power for a given local population and may increase the cost-effectiveness of molecular typing.
LOCI is a highly sensitive homogeneous chemiluminescent assay involving a pair of ~200-nm latex bead particles: one dyed with an olefin (chemiluminescent particle) and the other dyed with a phthalocyanine photosensitizer dye (4).