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 (lō′sī′, -kē, -kī′)
Plural of locus.


1. (Genetics) the plural of locus
2. (Law) the plural of locus
3. (Mathematics) the plural of locus


(ˈloʊ saɪ, -ki, -kaɪ)

pl. of locus.
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But it is at least problematical, whether an unjust sentence against a foreigner, where the subject of controversy was wholly relative to the lex loci, would not, if unredressed, be an aggression upon his sovereign, as well as one which violated the stipulations of a treaty or the general law of nations.
For each loci, the Observed (Ho) and the Expected (He) Heterozygosity in the total sample population and the two TGC groups (Bandirma ex-situ and the smallholders in the villages) were calculated with Levene (1949) unbiasedly according to Nei (1987) and the Fixation Index (Fis) values were calculated according to Wright (1965) and the effective allele number (ne) values were calculated according to Kimura and Crow (1978) (Tables II, III, VI).
Altogether, 15 loci were chosen for evaluations (Table; online Technical Appendix Table 1).
Adicionalmente, en diferentes estudios se ha demostrado una variabilidad en el nivel del polimorfismo de los loci MIRU-VNTR que puede atribuirse al origen geografico de la cepa y a diferencias entre los linajes geneticos (9, 6).
Loci principal Dave Briggs said the school, which occupies the premises of a former Roman Catholic diocese school in Windsor Park for its middle and high schools, also has an elementary school in a downtown Brooklyn building that formerly housed a parochial school.
Known by loci names such as "D1S80" or sometimes for nearby genes "TPOX," a particular handful of STR loci meet these utility criteria and are well studied, with published primer sets for their amplification and known population statistics for individual repeat numbers at each locus--that is, for a locus, in a given ethnic population, some repeat numbers are commonly found, and others are less commonly found.
A major downfall of these studies has been a paucity of adequate gene loci developed for the genus Brevoortia, and this has ultimately resulted in limited resolution in addressing population structure and hybridization among Brevoortia congeners in the Gulf of Mexico (Anderson, 2007; Anderson and Karel, 2007; Anderson and McDonald, 2007).
The paper presents our experience with exploring of loci of points of given properties with computer support at the university course on geometry.
An intriguing possibility that remains, however, is that an association may be biased downward or undetectable at some loci because the phenotype tested is heterogeneous or imprecise.
Six of the seven remaining papers employ that set of VNTR loci and apply the SOP in the field in six different countries as a practical trial of the value of those loci and the SOP in the field.
The association between each of the loci and the onset of diabetes was fairly weak, but establishing the loci provides new pathways to study in diabetes development.
Therefore, two pentameric markers, Penta D and Penta E, and the recently introduced AmpFlSTR Identifiler PCR Amplification Kit (Applied Biosystems, Foster City, California), which amplifies the 13 core CODIS short tandem repeat loci, seven European Network of Forensic Science Institute's short tandem repeat loci, and two newly introduced tetranucleotide loci, D2S1338 and D19S433, were evaluated.