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Verb1.lock in - close with or as if with a tight seal; "This vacuum pack locks in the flavor!"
confine - prevent from leaving or from being removed
2.lock in - place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape; "The parents locked her daughter up for the weekend"; "She locked her jewels in the safe"
confine - prevent from leaving or from being removed
يُقْفِل الباب على
låse inde
læsa inni
kilitlenip/kilitleyip içerde kalmak

w>lock in

vt sep
(= shut in) person, animaleinschließen; to be locked ineingesperrt sein
we’re locked into this supplierwir sind an diesen Lieferanten gebunden; I don’t want to get myself locked inich will mich nicht zu sehr binden; to lock in on an ideasich in eine Idee verbeißen


(lok) noun
1. a mechanism for fastening doors etc. He put the key in the lock.
2. a closed part of a canal for raising or lowering boats to a higher or lower part of the canal.
3. the part of a gun by which it is fired.
4. a tight hold (in wrestling etc).
to fasten or become fastened with a lock. She locked the drawer; This door doesn't lock.
ˈlocker noun
a small cupboard, especially for sports equipment.
ˈlocket (-kit) noun
a little ornamental case hung round the neck. a gold locket containing a piece of his hair.
ˈlocksmith noun
a person who makes and mends locks.
lock in
to prevent from getting out of a building etc by using a lock. She found she was locked in, and had to climb out of the window.
lock out
to prevent from getting into a building etc by using a lock. Don't lock yourself out (of the house) by forgetting to take your key with you.
lock up
1. to confine or prevent from leaving or being taken away by using a lock. to lock up a prisoner / one's jewellery.
2. to lock whatever should be locked. He locked up and left the shop about 5.30 p.m.
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Rate-lock extensions represent super-efficiency because they improve the borrower's ability to exercise a lock in his/her favor to the lender's detriment.
For the first time, customers can acquire low-cost, standards-based communications platforms using the hardware and applications that best meet the users' price and performance requirements, and eliminating single-vendor lock in.
Pingtel's open source IP communications business model, which unlocks enterprise customers from proprietary call control and single vendor lock in, was judged to demonstrate one of the topmost contributions to the IP communications industry, helped spread IP communications worldwide with little or no dependence on traditional telephone networks, equipment or service providers.