lock nut

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also lock nut  (lŏk′nŭt′)
1. A usually thin nut screwed down on another nut to prevent it from loosening.
2. A self-locking nut.

lock′ nut`

1. a nut specially constructed to prevent its coming loose, usu. having a means of providing extra friction between itself and the screw.
2. a thin supplementary nut screwed down upon a regular nut to prevent its loosening.
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Tenders are invited for Bearing Lock Nut And Lock Washer
Lightweight and fade-resistant Porsche ceramic composite brakes are claimed to provide outstanding stopping power and other standard equipment includes cornering lights, 19-inch RS Spyder design wheels with centre lock nut, adaptive sports seats, cruise control, a CD/DVD changer and exclusive two-tone leather upholstery.
Unscrew the lock nut and washer from the base of the fill valve (the water inlet pipe).
The hasp and staple should be fitted to the door with coach-bolts, secured on the inside with a large washer and lock nut.
A torque Limiter disengages the motor if the grinding wheel binds, and protects the lock nut from over-tightening in start-ups and heavy-duty operations.
The lock nut is generally left in the car, which doesn't really make sense," says Gurdip.
The cam can be repositioned in relation to the flutes on the chucked step tool by loosening the cam lock nut and rotating the cam on the spindle.
Remove and save the screw and lock nut from the eyelet on the W16/W3 cable.
The Quickchange clamp allows simultaneous access to the tool, lock nut, set screw, and pull stud.
Adapter Sleeve H 211 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adaptor Sleeve H-3140 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H-311 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H-320 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H3134 With Lock Nut & Lock Washer, Sleeve H-3136 Adapter Sleeve H-3136 With Lock Nut& Lock Washer
Tenders are invited for Set Of Lock Nut And Lock Washer Of Size: Km12 And Mb12 For 25Kw,130V Dc Alternator, One Set Consist Of :- 1 Lock Nut Km12 01 No.
Tenders are invited for Hydraulic Jack 50 Ton Capacity Of Screwed Ram With Safety Lock Nut Ot Model: Vxrc Sr 50/150 Cj Of Make: Vanjax Or Its Equivalent In Orion, Vancos, Enerpac Etc With Standard Accessories, Specification Details Follows: Type : Screwed Ram With Safety Lock Nut.